Looking Back. Top 10 Posts On Pizza In Motion In 2017

It’s been a busy year around these parts.  I’m truly thankful for all the folks that read my blog on a daily basis.  The numbers have grown every year I’ve been doing this.  As I enter my 10th (wow) year of blogging, I figured it would be fun for me to look back at what were the most popular posts in 2017.

This won’t be a true “Top 10 of 2017”.  Let me explain my methodology.  I had 3 posts in my top 10 that I didn’t even write in 2017.  They were from previous years and were so popular, they’re still hanging around:

That Metro post is from 2015!  I had no idea I had so many folks who wanted to know I didn’t die on Frontier.  And, yes.  That’s the worst purchase you can make at Disney World.

Anyway, on to the top 10 posts I wrote in 2017.  For giggles, we’ll do it countdown style:


Inside The 2017 United Airlines Global Services Welcome Kit

I had no idea so many people wanted to know what’s in the Global Services kit.  Especially since most of us will never come close to sniffing Global Services status.  Thanks, again to David for supplying the images.

United Airlines Global Services 2017 Welcome Kit


I Guess United Has A New Way To Control Capacity In Their Lounges

I really don’t like this move by United.  They struck deals with their co-brand credit card partner, Chase to give away lounge passes.  There are tons of them out there.  When moves like that cause lounges to become over-crowded, nobody wins.  Well, United wins, since they collect the money for people to access the lounges.

United Club


Big News About Discounted Disney World Tickets For DVC Members

I’m not surprised a Disney post made it into the top 10.  A bit surprised it had to do with Disney Vacation Club (DVC).  These are two awesome discounts on Disney World tickets for DVC members.  In fact, our family took advantage of the annual pass offer.  I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of Disney World in 2018.


Costco Drops Price On Private Membership

I’m a huge Costco fan.  While I didn’t purchase the private jet membership, it was one of the more awesome things I’ve seen for sale at Costco.  I guess they weren’t as popular as expected, given the discount.

Costco Private Jet Membership


How Much Does Disney World Spend On Fireworks?

Hint: it’s a lot.  Disney scores a second post in the top 10 of 2017 (with that darn battery post from last year lurking up near the top as well).


My Review Of The Norwegian Air 787 Premium Cabin

This post is only 6 months old and found a spot in the top 5.  That’s pretty impressive, just like Norwegian’s premium product.  I’m surprised this is in the top 5.  It’s telling that, despite all the talk about miles and points, lots of folks are looking for cheap premium tickets.

Such A Badass Look!


Don’t Cancel Your Uber Ride Request If Your Driver Asks You

Boy, is this topic a dumpster fire!  One of my friends (Angelina Travels) wrote about this along with my friend Jeanne.  I couldn’t believe some of the comments directed at these women.  I understand there are a bunch of unhappy Uber drivers.  But, I was embarrassed as a man to see some of the comments on Angelina’s blog.  I’m not surprised at all this was in the top 10.


United Airlines Temporarily Grounds All Flights

Speaking of dumpster fires….

It’s complicated running a major airline.  I get it.  But, jeez.


Verizon Wireless Changes International TravelPass.  With A Sledgehammer.

The title really gives it away.  Verizon Wireless crapped all over a plan that hadn’t even been around that long.  When they start throttling your data, the speeds slow to a crawl.  It’s just bad.  I love big companies who come up with a great idea but don’t stop to ask what they’ll do if customers actually take them up on it.  Obviously, this generated more demand than intended.  So, Verizon Wireless just made it worse.  I’d have rather they raised the price a bit for the next GB of data.

And The #1 Post of 2017…..

Can we just stop here?  No?  Okay, but I’m a bit ashamed at the top post, since it didn’t actually require any real in-depth analysis.  Or deep writing.  Or, much of anything.

Other than Russian models.

Luxury Hotel is Asking Russian Models To Take Down Their Sexy Instagram Pics

I chose the tamest picture I could find of the bunch when I posted this originally.  They’re definitely racy.  I can certainly imagine why the hotel doesn’t want them out there.  I got a good laugh out of this.

Definitely one of the less racy photos

If you’re not at work, look at this View From The Wing post on the same subject.  Like I said, I almost spit water from my mouth.

The Final Two Pennies

It really was a fun year writing for all of you.  I posted on the blog 600 times in 2017.  That’s more than I think I’ve posted in any other year.  Who knows what 2018 will bring?  All I know is I’m still having a great time writing for all of you.  As long as you keep showing up, I’ll keep typing!

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