BIG News About Discounted Disney World Tickets For DVC Members!

Discounted Disney World tickets are about as rare as black swans and empty first class seats on airplanes.  That’s why I was really excited to see an announcement today about BIG discounts on Disney World tickets for Disney Vacation Club Members.

Perry P. sent the details my way just a few minutes ago.  Effective immediately, Disney Vacation Club members will have access to two discounted offers:

  1. DVC members will be able to save 25% on a Disney Platinum Plus Annual Pass.
  2. DVC members will be able to purchase a seven-day Disney theme park ticket for the price of five days.

Discounted Disney World Tickets

How Much Are The Tickets/Passes?

The 25% discount on the annual pass is good for both new passes and renewals.  That means a new pass is $559 plus tax while a renewal is $475 plus tax.

The 7-day tickets are $370 plus tax for adult tickets and $350 plus tax for a child ticket.

There are a few restrictions, though they’re pretty minor:

Tickets must be purchased by January 3, 2018 and used for the first time by December 31, 2018.

Each member is entitled to purchase up to 8 tickets. 

***These are generally restricted to people who live in your household, though I have no idea how they would functionally restrict this.  My guess is that if you’re traveling with someone else and you make the purchase collectively you wouldn’t have any issues here.

I also called DVC to check as to whether resale members would be eligible for this offer.  For those unaware, there’s a robust market for DVC resales.  For folks who bought their units directly from Disney or purchased them prior to a change a few years ago, they get access to a separate set of benefits.  Folks who buy on the resale market today have a few restrictions on their membership.  It appears that resale members are not eligible for this offer.  However, I would still try calling to purchase given the value of the discount here.

Discounted Disney World Tickets

The Final Two Pennies

Anyone who plans a Disney trip understands how expensive tickets to the parks are.  Disney raises prices on a consistent basis and rarely offers meaningful discounts.  There are the occasional offers for discounted Disney gift cards.  Those can yield anywhere from a 5% to a 20% discount on tickets, but the bigger discounts are their own version of unicorns.  😉

Disney Vacation Club members are generally folks who visit Disney on a regular basis.  This represents a clear savings on those trips over the next couple of years.  And, this doesn’t take into account the 13-month bonus of an annual plan (more on that in a future post).

Even if you’re not going to buy annual passes for the entire family, it may make sense to buy one for the dining and merchandise discounts.  I’m trying to confirm if the dining one is different from Tables in Wonderland, something DVC members already get access to for dining discounts.

In short, it’s a good day for Mickey fans.  Well, at least for those of us who own DVC points!

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  1. NIce! Always good to get a discount on the tix. Undercovertourist is usually my go to to buy non-annual pass tickets. For my upcoming trip they had a buy four, get three days free. I coupled that with a undercover tourist Amex offer ($30 back of $150+).

    It’s nice that even though us DVC people are pretty much a captive audience, they continue to offer meaningful discounts.

  2. Yeah that Perry P. guy is pretty awesome. You can further more use those discounted Disney Gift cards and pay for your annual passes through member services or in-person. If you have any of those Office Depot/ Office Max amex sync offers then you can save an additional 20%.

  3. If your info about the which pass is correct – you have the prices wrong. The Platinum Plus Pass is $869 plus tax. 25% off is $651 plus tax. I think you were quoting the price for a regular platinum pass. The 7 days for price of 5 isn’t really much of a deal as you can get the same if not better discount from places like Undercover Tourist.

  4. This is a great deal! The Platinum Pass Plus is $595.34. This is what’s quoted to me, DVC member, when I log into the main Disney site to purchase tickets. I plan on upgrading in December to this pass. I purchased the 7 day PH pass from UT when there was the AMEX $30 offer. So, when I upgrade, there will be bigger savings since the upgrade should be based on the current 7 day PH price. This is great since there aren’t block-out dates. So, I guess I will be going to Disney at Easter now. This is definitely a nice perk for DVC members. Even the deal on the 7 day pass could be good for multiple visits in 6 months. I hope to see more of this. Now, if they would just extend the 20% off restaurants and gift shops, I’d be even happier.

    1. Shannon, thanks for confirming that it’s the Platinum Plus plan. I need to dig a little deeper into the restaurant discounts that come with that pass and compare it to Tables in Wonderland. Just like you, I’m crossing my fingers they extend the retail discount!

  5. The Annual Pass dining discounts are not the same at all as the Tables in Wonderland discounts. TiW discounts are always 20% and include alcohol. AP discounts vary (usually a max of 20% but often 10%) and do not include alcohol.

    DVC members almost always get discounted annual passes (they used to get FREE annual passes a long time ago!) but the discounts vary from year to year. While 25% seems decent, note there is also a much less expensive gold annual pass available to DVC members that has a few blackout dates. If they are eliminating that gold pass then there really isn’t any savings compared to that.

  6. Abut how they restrict the passes to members of your household:

    A pass is assigned to a person — they are not interchangeable. When you activate the passes you need to show
    “Valid driver’s license or state identification cards showing that all adult family members reside in the same household”.

  7. On the DVC website the 13 month annual pass is sill good as long as you renew or purchase by Oct . 1st 2017
    and activate by Dec. 31, 2018. DVC members get 25% off renewal platinum plus passes, How much is the renewal with the discount?

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