20% Off Disney World Tickets For American Express Cardholders

Discounts on Disney are few and far between.  Smart families need to take advantage of every opportunity that pop up.  I went over a strategy just a couple of weeks ago on how to combine gift cards to get 5% off on Disney World tickets.  5% is nice, but it’s not earth shattering.

If you’ve got an American Express card and are one of the many lucky folks with a Sam’s Club offer, more than 20% off Disney gift cards is earth shattering.  Well, at least if you’re a Disney fan.  🙂

As Shawn mentions, there are a lot of ways to max out this 20% back offer with Sam’s Club and AMEX.  For this example, we’re thinking about Disney savings.

20% Off Disney World Tickets

If you’re not familiar with American Express offers, you can find them listed on your account when you login online.  Just scroll down and you should see a list of offers below your recent purchases.  If you see this one, you can use it to leverage a big discount on your next Disney trip:

20% Off Disney World Tickets

A $150 pack of Disney gift cards is $142.98 at Sam’s Club.  My Sam’s Club didn’t have the $500 gift cards Shawn found.  Since you can spend up to $1,250 to max out this offer, you can buy 8 packs of $150 Disney gift cards.  That’s $1143.84.  A 20% discount of $228.77 means $915.  That’s a 23.75% discount on Disney gift cards.

If you combine them using the strategy I outlined above, you can use them to buy multi-day park tickets or just about anything Disney.

I’m super thankful to Shawn for pointing this offer out.  I don’t check my AMEX offers as closely as I should and could have missed this.  He’s a fellow Disney nut like me.  After all, who tries to visit all 4 Disney World parks in one day unless you’re a little nutsright?

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