Apparently, Sex Is Popular In Airports

Anyone who’s an aviation enthusiast has likely contemplated joining the Mile High Club. Similarly, I would have said that most folks who have traveled through the typical European airport wouldn’t think it’s an ideal place to have sex.

Boy, was I wrong.

A recent survey of 2,500 British citizens found that nearly 10% of them reported having a sexual encounter in an airport.

That may not sound like a high number.  But, think of an average single-aisle plane like a 738 that might carry 150 passengers.  I highly doubt 15 of them have had sex on an airplane.  Thus, at least in Britain, sex in the airport seems to be more popular to me than the Mile High Club.

They also polled 1,000 Europeans to see which other nationalities were most likely to sneak into a toilet or closet in an airport for a tryst:

The results showed that Italians (17 per cent) are the most amorous when it comes to sexual encounters in airports, followed by the Spanish (14 per cent). Eight per cent from Germany gave in to their desires whilst only three percent of the French did the same.

Certainly glad to hear my heritage was at the top of the amorous percentages.  Guess the French aren’t as romantic as they claim to be!

Where it gets a bit beyond the pale for me is that 76% reported doing the deed in a toilet (public restroom).  I’ve been to my fair share of European airports.  Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t visited too many public restrooms that achieve the standard of cleanliness and fragrance that would warrant thinking they were a good location for a few moments of hanky panky.

But, hey, maybe I’m just a prude…..


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  1. Americans are more stressed out and focused on getting where they’re going, at least during the work week. Europeans are much more laid back and less stressed. Therefore, I can see this number being much higher in Europe than here, though I do believe even our percentage would boggle some minds. These little quicky nap suites seem an increasing opportunity for such.

    1. Blake, I totally see the minute suite idea. Heck, that one’s probably on my list. 🙂
      But, the public restroom thing boggles my mind a bit.

  2. Do an article on what the best airline is for joining the mile high club – I think Singapore 1st class suites is possibly it!… 😉

  3. Did the report classify if the encounter was alone or with a partner? That might make a toilet visit a little more believable…either way it’s just plain sad…

    1. Alan, based on the way I read it, this appeared to be with a partner. Not my idea of an amorous moment….

    1. Taz, it could just be my personal experience, but I don’t recall seeing a lot of family restrooms at European airports.

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