GIVEAWAY: Free Sterling Silver Starbucks Card

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on whether to give away a Sterling Silver Starbucks card or some plain ‘ol gift cards.  The response was very one-sided, so I’ll be giving away a Sterling Silver Starbucks card as my way of saying thanks for another great year of growth of readership.

First, the prize:

Sterling Silver Starbucks Card

The card is made of Sterling Silver and worth $150 itself, setting aside the status symbol effect hanging from your purse (or murse).  It also comes loaded with $50 in Starbucks funds for your drinking pleasure.

Second, how to enter:

Just leave a comment here between now and 11:59pm on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014.

You can enter once per day. All decisions by me are final.

I’m ending the contest Wednesday night so there’s plenty of time to ship the card in case you want to give it to someone as a Christmas gift.  Guaranteed delivery in time for the holidays!

Anyone who left comments in the decision thread will also receive an extra entry for each day you left a comment helping me make my decision.

Good luck!


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Sterling Silver Starbucks Card Sterling Silver Starbucks CardSterling Silver Starbucks CardSterling Silver Starbucks Card




  1. Wow. I wonder how much is the value of building readership and page views is. Or does Starbucks use these as a marketing tool?

  2. Is it ridiculous that I’d put this on my bag but haven’t yet updated my bag tag for Chairman’s status with US Airways?

  3. This is awesome. Thanks to you for doing this! Happy Holidays. What a nice way to spread the cheer.

    Would love this for my mother who ADORES Starbucks. Cheers!

  4. A buddy of mine is very hard to buy to buy gifts for…this will do just the trick. Most importantly, he’s a Starbucks addict!

  5. It’s not bad enough that every barista within a mile of my house knows me by name, I need this card to solidify the “Local Starbucks Hero” title.

  6. As a single mom, all my money goes to my kiddos. This would make a great gift (and the only gift) FOR ME!

    1. Surfcityginny, tell your husband not to be shy. He can enter and double your chances! I don’t bite, I promise.

  7. Fingers crossed I’m lucky enough to win, even if it means I may need to pre-emptively update my New Year’s resolution of cutting back on my caffeine intake!

  8. Wow what a generous gift! I would love it! I travel a lot and am constantly in Starbucks…current addiction…tall double white peppermint mocha! Try it!! Love reading your stuff!

    1. Stef, it would help her stay awake during the day after her lack of sleep from your snoring at night. Just sayin….

  9. This looks awesome! Please count me in! Should I win, I shall tweet you a picture of the first purchase using the card!

  10. This is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing this (not sure how you talked your wife into letting you give it away! haha). My wife is a Starbucks junkie and would absolutely love this card! 🙂

  11. Sure.. everyone has Starbucks Gold card… oh sure.. your AmEx Platinum is fancy… oh you have a Visa Black card? well you over paid for that wasted of a card.. but you know what beats Gold, Platinum and Graphinte?? SILVER!!! (as I flash he Starbucks Silver card!)

  12. I looked aone in my local Starbucks. I loved it but could not justify it. Now, if I won it…. that would be just fine.

  13. Thanks for always trying to answer my questions and emails. I also like your humor. I know for fact a lot of bloggers don’t even bother for example the tall Irish and the tall guy.

  14. I don’t care if it’s called Fourbucks, it’s still great coffee and it would be an awesome gift! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  15. My grandmother goes to Starbucks 7 days a week (no kidding)…she’s a bit obsessed but it’s one of her few joys in life! I’d love to gift this to her! 🙂 Thanks!

  16. Nice! I’m kinda interested to check out the card–does it actually have the stripe on the back, or does it come with an ordinary card that you’d carry in your wallet?

    1. Perryplatypus, we don’t cover the cost of cleaning up giraffe dung, especially if the coffee gets things moving. :p

  17. I think this card would draw even more crazy looks than the CSP did when not many people had them….something im interested in.

  18. Awesome, the card doubles as a quick caffeine fix and the essential component in a werewolf hunting pack! Every MacGuyver needs one 🙂

  19. Starbucks sterling silver card!!! Thanks for holding this giveaway. Awesome collectible, and can you imagine the bragging rights? ^_^

  20. Day 2 of attempting to win it for the wife! We have a coffee station in our apartment she loves coffee so much! 🙂

  21. What a great giveaway – thanks and Merry Christmas! This would go straight to my girlfriend who loves grabbing Starbucks on the way to class!

  22. I feel like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory except it would be the Starbucks factory and I need a Sterling Silver Card instead of a golden ticket 😉

  23. Sure would help to bring law school expenses down a little, as it seems the only way my daughter will get through law school is a frequent dose of Starbucks

  24. This is a really cool gift opportunity! My wife would be very happy to have a shiny card to help feed her Starbucks addiction!

  25. I hope for health, happiness, and caffeine for you and your family this Christmas season! Have a wonderful Christmas. Your silver loving friend, Yukon Cornelius

  26. Thank you for running a great blog. I love to follow along and read all of the interesting stories and learn some tips and tricks along the way.

  27. Great giveaway! Would love to win this for my daughter who is studying abroad! Also enjoyed your presentation at FTUDC! Looking forward to the next one in Dallas!

  28. Thanks for the offer- this will help me pay for my wife’s Starbucks order :
    – Venti sugar free, soy, cinnamon dulce latte, no whip, no spinkles, and as hot as it can be made without burning it.

  29. Great giveaway! It sure looks a lot nicer than the plastic Gold card they sent me, but of course you get what you pay for.

  30. If I was selected to receive this piece of Starbucks heaven I would gift it to my girlfriend and I’m pretty sure she would marry me on the spot – she’d probably rather wear this around her finger than an engagement ring.

  31. Interesting how the SBUX Gold card (not real gold…just means you earn 30 stars in a year) is free, but the Silver card comes with a fee. Kind of twisted, no?!

  32. There is probably not a better way to encourage me to start posting rather that just reading. Thanks for the opportunity.

  33. Starbucks is my absolute favorite “fast food” treat! Their coffees and drinks are so decadent, I really savor them!
    To be able to purchase them iwth a Silver Card would be even cooler!
    Thank you for your blog and for offering this grat prize!

  34. Wow, this is very cool!! I’d gift it to my sweet Aunt & she’d freak out haha..thank you for the chance to make her Christmas awesome:)

    Happy Holidays!

    Joey J.

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