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A Reminder Of The Crazy Trip I Booked. Available Again Today

I’ve done some crazy things related to travel over the years.  Flying to Norway for a jaunt on a plane comes to mind more recently, as well as taking my daughter to Paris for the weekend on Valentine’s Day.

A tweet from The Flight Deal this morning reminded me of my next crazy trip, one I’m still quasi-regretting booking.  For those folks looking to mileage run, though, it’s actually a pretty good deal, especially given the routing.  I ended up booking JFK-SCL-GRU-IGU-LIM-JFK.

Just in case you haven’t memorized every airport designation, that’s leaving from New York JFK, then on to Santiago (Chile), Sao Paolo (Brazil), Iguazu, Lima (Peru) and finally back to JFK.

That’s a redeye overnight to Santiago, then a quick flight to Sao Paolo.  I have a day in Sao Paolo before heading on to Iguaza to see the Falls, then on to Lima a day and a half later for another redeye back to New York. And, I do get to score another ride on the 787.  All in a bit less than 4 days and for under $500.  Roughly 12,000 miles flown, looks something like this:

Booked trip

Booked trip

There’s two reasons I’m bringing this up today:

1.  It looks like they’re having another fare sale, as noted by The Flight Deal link above.  The nice thing about the structure is that it allows (almost forces) a stopover in Santiago and Sao Paolo, along with allowing a number of days in IGU.  The fare sale is for a lot of places other than this, but there are some great free stopovers on a cheap ticket if you want to spend some time here and there in South America.

2.  I figured if I shared my crazy itinerary I would be more likely to actually go on the flight as opposed to chicken out, or face the ridicule of you, my reader, for being scared of 10 hours in coach on a redeye.  We’ll just have to wait and see.


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  1. Who on Earth would inspire you to book such a crazy routing? People who fly these things just to get the “dots,” “lines” and “EQMs” make no sense to me. I prefer to stay at home and read a good book, instead.

    1. Michael, it’s a really good friend who’s just a bit off when it comes to the definition of normal travel. But, he’s a good guy otherwise. Don’t hold it against him.

  2. Nice catch! I tried flying the LAN 787 the first weekend of this year, but alas snow prevented my repositioning flight. It looks like a nice product. Even so, I think 10 hours in economy would be a bit tough, now a days. I dare say it sounds less painful than your mileage run to Anchorage.

    1. Trevor, I *think* this will be less painful than the Anchorage run. And, it includes a plane that should leave me with less fatigue and about the same legroom as a US Airways flight. And, I get to see the Falls. I’d say better than a 50-50 shot I go. After all, I already applied for my visa. 🙂

  3. Ed:

    I’m with you. I jumped on a notification from The Flight Deal a while back that’s about as Machiavellian as yours. Come March I’m headed LAX-CDG-FCO-BUD-CDG-NRT. Since I’m an East Coaster, I’ll add a positioning flight to LAX, and use points for first class home from Tokyo. At least I’m staying a little longer than your short sojourn to our southern cousin :-). Happy trekking.

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