Up To 100% Transfer Bonus To Alaska Mileage Plan And Elite Status Match With Bilt Rewards Rent Day Bonus

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Bilt Rewards is out with another excellent transfer bonus as part of the July 1st Rent Day.  If you’ve been feverishly working on elite status by spending on your Bilt Mastercard like I have, you may have found the right Rent Day offer this month. Bilt is teaming up with Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan to offer a generous transfer bonus and status match opportunity.

Bilt Rewards Transfer Bonus To Alaska Mileage Plan

On July 1st only, Bilt Rewards members can transfer up to 50,000 Bilt Rewards points to Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan program and earn up to a 100% bonus based on their Bilt Rewards elite status at the time of the transfer:

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Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan may not be as well known as the bigger airlines, and you may think that you need to be traveling to Alaska to get value out of this program.  The reality is that the Mileage Plan program has partnerships with dozens of airlines that can be used to unlock great value for international travel.

Bilt Rewards/Alaska Mileage Plan Elite Status Match

From June 25th to July 1st, Bilt Platinum Members will be able to activate Alaska MVP Gold Status and Bilt Gold Members will be able to activate Alaska MVP Status, both with the transfer of 10,000 Bilt points to Alaska. Alaska Mileage Plan status will be good through December 31, 2024. To activate this offer, you must transfer 10,000 Bilt points to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan from the dedicated elite status pages.

The 10,000 Bilt points you transfer in order to activate status are not eligible for the Alaska Airlines Transfer Bonus offer and will not be counted towards the 50,000 point bonus limit.

Bilt Expands Neighborhood Dining

Bilt is also announcing another Neighborhood Dining offer.  This month, you can sign up for a special Omakase Experience at Sushi Bar in 4 cities.  You’ll be able to book these experiences starting at $75 per person or 6,000 Bilt Rewards points.  These are available starting June 27th in the Bilt app at 12:00 ET for Platinum Members, 12:10 ET for Gold Members, 12:20 for Silver Members, and 12:30 for Blue Members

The Rest Of Rent Day

Bilt also has a number of offers on the first of each month to earn points. Most of them only require you to sign-up for a free Bilt Rewards membership.

You can play the Rent Free game show in the Bilt app, and they’ve recently added more chances to win.  On top of being able to win a month’s free rent (for the top 10 scorers), the top 600 on the scoreboard will earn some bonus Bilt Rewards points.

You’ll also be able to play Point Quest, Bilt’s free trivia game, to earn a few hundred free points.

For folks who hold the credit card, this is your reminder that you can earn double points on all categories (except rent) on the first day of every month (capped at 10,000 bonus points per month).  That means you’ll earn:

  • 6 points per dollar on dining
  • 4 points per dollar on travel
  • 2 points per dollar on everything else (except rent)

You can also grab a free Soulcycle class on June 1st at more than 50 Soulcycle studios across the US.  Reservations are available in the Bilt app starting on June 28th, 2024 at noon ET.

The Final Two Pennies

Bilt Rewards has offered outsized value for the majority of the lifetime of the program.  It’s forced me to rethink how I earn and redeem points.  On top of earning bonus points for dining and travel on the Bilt Mastercard, Bilt continues to provide these opportunities to double up (or more ) your points balance when you make a transfer.  I’ve taken advantage of some incredible transfer bonuses over the past two years.  If you’re able to earn Platinum status with Bilt Rewards, spending on their credit card can be incredibly valuable.

The status match is another interesting piece of this promotion.  While I don’t participate in the Mileage Plan program, I imagine a number of folks will take advantage of this unique status match opportunity.

Regardless of whether you plan to take advantage of the Alaska Airlines or Neighborhood Dining offers, be sure to play the Rent Day games to earn free Bilt Rewards points!

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