Can You Wear Your Apple Watch When Going Through Airport Security?

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I’m a new Apple Watch owner just getting used to wearing a watch again.  Since I travel quite a bit, I wondered if I’d have any problems wearing an Apple Watch while going through security.  I didn’t think it would be an issue.

For a reference point, I’m wearing the Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular functionality.  I tried wearing the watch through TSA PreCheck and “standard” security.  In both cases, I did not mention anything to the agent working the line.

In the PreCheck line, I walked through the metal detector and had no issues.  Similarly, I wasn’t flagged going through a standard security line with a full body scanner.  I was pretty sure the machine would pick it up and the agent would frisk my arm.  I was wrong.  For clarity, I was wearing a long sleeve dress shirt.

One Final Test

I played dumb going through a TSA PreCheck lane and asked a TSA agent if I was okay to wear my watch through the metal detector.  I tugged up my sleeve and showed the watch.  The agent was definitely not paying a ton of attention.  There was a mild shrug and a nod of the head.  Shortly thereafter, I was through security again and on my way.

The Final Two Pennies

Maybe I just obsess about odd things, but I was curious what would happen when heading through security with my Apple Watch.  I haven’t worn a watch in a very long time.  I’ve never really thought about the sensitivity of the metal detectors for such things.  This appears to be a non-issue.

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  1. I wear a Garmin Android type gps watch through tsa and other security lines all over the world and have never had a problem over the past few years. Even places like Israel but I assume if you got a model with lots of metal or bling on it you might run into issues. My watch is mostly plastic.

  2. It really is different sometimes overseas, often in a capricious and random way. To avoid problems, I will often just put the watch in the pocket of a carryon while going through security. Happy travels!

  3. It’s hit or miss for me. It usually doesn’t alarm, but on occasion, it will. So I just take it off.

      1. Got zinged in body scanner in San Diego today wearing my new apple 4 watch. I will be removing it from now on, though I’ve never had that happen with my earlier apple watch.

        1. Wsm, that’s unfortunate to hear. I wonder if they solved the Bluetooth issue with Apple Watch 4. I found I couldn’t use any Bluetooth headset other than Airpods or I got interference from the watch.

  4. On a flight back to IAH from YYC, the Canadian security agent hassled me for wearing my watch, fitness tracker (other wrist) and belt buckle. I walked through the detector and he said “Well, you’re wearing a lot of metal” when the alarms went off. It earned me a full pat down or a body scan, but he had already pat down half my body, so I just told him to finish up, lol. I didn’t see any signs saying to remove them, nor did any of the agents tell me anything when I pointed them out before going through.

    First time using pre-clearance facility too! A bit strange, holding CAD to burn at duty-free while talking to US CBP agents, haha.

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