Don’t Cancel Your Uber Ride Request If Your Driver Asks You 

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Technology can be a wonderful thing. I’ve spent most of the lay decade investing in startup companies as my “day job”. Disruption is the big buzz word. In the instance I’m discussing today, it’s about how great the world can be if we use technology to disrupt businesses that have monopolies or have grown stale. Uber is at the forefront of disrupting the taxi cab industry. They call it ridesharing. At the core, it’s really just using technology to make more efficient taxi services.  What happens when that disruption doesn’t go as planned?

My friend Jeanne from Le Chic Geek was writing about that earlier this week.  Here’s the root of the problem as she describes it:

When you book an Uber driver, you may get a phone call from the driver stating there’s a problem with the app and the driver cannot see your destination.

The driver may ask you what your destination is.  And then state that the app still isn’t working, and ask that you cancel the ride to “fix it”.

If an Uber driver calls you with this story, he or she isn’t telling you the truth.  The driver is trying to determine whether or not s/he wants to pick you up.  And may try to convince you to cancel the ride if your destination isn’t ideal.

I never plug my destination in before I hop into the Uber.  It wasn’t originally to thwart this type of issue, it just never seemed like critical info the driver needed prior to me getting in the car.  And, many times my destination is a major landmark, like an airport.  No real need to even plug it in.  To the best of my recollection, I’ve never had an Uber driver cancel a ride on me because of where I was going.

Cancel Uber Ride Request

That being said, I know this is an issue.  I asked Jeanne if she was using Uber Black or UberX.  She indicated this was an UberX ride.  I’m mostly an Uber Black user.  Specifically, I’m taking Uber because I want an experienced driver who knows his way around the city.  I want someone who knows alternate routes when travel pops up, and understands the cadence of traffic in cities I don’t frequent often.  In those cases, I’m willing to pay more for a ride than I would otherwise spend on a taxi or UberX.

I’m sure there are Uber Black drivers who cancel rides too.  But, it makes sense that UberX drivers might cancel rides more frequently.  Uber Black drivers are more frequently professional drivers, where this is their primary job.  For many, UberX is a side hustle.  They may not want to go an hour out of their way to take you where you need to go.  They may prefer to stay close to home and just pick up short rides when they can to make extra cash.  And, they could just be lazy and not want to drive a long distance.

What You Need To Know

Where drivers used to cancel those rides they didn’t want, I’m guessing Uber is penalizing them now for too many canceled rides.  Resourceful drivers are trying to get you to cancel your ride.  We can assume that’s so they don’t get dinged by Uber. But, that can result in you ending up with a cancellation fee.  That’s not cool.

If your Uber driver calls to ask you where you’re going,  you’re under no obligation to tell them.  You can be nice and tell them if you want, but don’t cancel the ride if they ask you to.   If the driver cancels the ride request, go ahead and request another.  Then, report the driver who cancelled to Uber so they can deal with it.

Disruptive technology is all around us.  And, it does make things better.  But, the only way the service will continue to be an improvement over traditional methods is if the market clearly communicates a reasonable standard.  If an Uber driver can cancel without penalty, is it really much better than calling a taxi and having them show up much later than they promised?

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  1. Shame on you Ed. Your title line is incorrectly using “you’re” in the second header line instead of the proper possessive “your”. It is correct in the first line as a conjunction of “you are”.

    1. Oops, my misstatement in my second sentence. The first use of “your” wasn’t a conjunction but the correct use of the possessive.

  2. Also, in places like NYC any uber driver is “professional” in the sense that they’re licensed by the taxi commission here. They’re all livery drivers who require proper medallions and such. So I don’t think uber black / x means more or less cancellations. Bc there’s such variability in drivers it can happen no matter how good your rating or location is.

  3. Uber drivers are not obligated to take you anywhere. If they arrive and they don’t want to drive you or to your destination, it’s not required and there can be no penalty . Uber drivers are independent businesses, they are not Uber.

    Also, it wouldn’t matter if you entered your destination, drivers cannot see it before starting the ride, that’s why some call. Uber won’t care if you complain, they will just refund the cancellation fee.

    1. That is true. But in that case it is the driver that should be canceling the ride but not the rider (you). This happens to me all the time. I live in NJ and whenever I request a ride for LGA/JFK I get drivers who do not want to go to NYC Airports as they cannot pickup there. Lately I am avoiding Uber completely and call a local driver who takes me to LGA/JFK for a flat fee. Luckily she has been very dependable and I am happy.

      1. Yes!!! Avoid Uber!! Stop treating poor Uber drivers victimized by Uber like shit it makes you all look like self serving A-Holes

      2. Here is the problem, when the driver cancels the fee it hurts their acceptance rate which will hurt their income.

        Look at it from a driver’s point of view (this is coming from a former Lyft driver):

        It’s very frustrating on their end when they drive 20-30 minutes to pick up a rider who’s destination isn’t matching or even half the distance it took for the driver to get to the pick up point. It’s not worth it to them because in the long run they won’t break even with rides like these and because of this it is a waste of gas and gas money.

        When I worked for Lyft I would call some riders and explain that to them because I was getting tired of driving 15 minutes to pick somebody up, only to take them a block down the road. This isn’t uncommon for ride shares to experience.

    2. Roger, in an absolute sense, very few people are actually obligated to do something. But, the value of the service degrades significantly if drivers consistently refuse rides they don’t want.

      1. Create a platform that does not ABUSE a class of people and my guess all will happily get to their destinations

        1. Matthew, it’s not indentured servitude. Uber drivers are not victimized, they’re independent contractors. They can choose to go get another job if they don’t like the pay.

          1. And you can choose to pay the lowest price and at times get cancelled or pay a high taxi cost and get to your destination.

            An independent contractor doesn’t have to take you anywhere they do not want to. No destination… no ride….period!

            I’m not driving 30 minutes to pick you up so you can have a 1/2mile ride. $2.75 is not going to cover 30 miles one way and 30 miles back.

            Go cry to someone else!

      2. Then uber should display the destination or approximately somewhere in the vicinity. Problem solved right?

          1. They don’t do it because they don’t care if the driver is screwed or not. You should understand that.

          2. They don’t do that because then you would have uber drivers solely accepting rides based on the distance.

    3. Nope. The place where the rider is going is never shared. That’s the law, to prevent discrimination based on destination. Most Uber drivers work under a taxi license. In DC, VA and MD. So, if they ask for your destination and then refuse. Make sure you complain to the DC Taxi commission or the VA taxi commission in the county. Maryland makes it easy. Uber is required to show the Maryland Taxi commission link. You can click and get your message to the Taxi commission.

      Uber drivers should understand that once they click accept on the ride. They have to take the ride. If they cancel based on destination, they are violating the law.

      So, Edward drivers are not shown the destination because until they show up and pick up your destination is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. And they cannot refuse based on destination after they show up.

      1. Actually that’s not the law. Uber will start showing destination in LA in 2020 and will likely spread to all markets.

    4. Once they accept the ride they are not independent businessmen, they enter into a partnership with uber and have to comply with certain things like NOT cancelling rides. If they cant do this they are more than welcome to stop using uber as means of livelihood as due to them its uber’s name that gets spoiled while nothing happens to THEM except for ocassional complaints.

  4. I use Uber once in a while, so I am not an expert. How do you not put in your destination first? It is the first thing they ask when you pull up the site.

  5. Typo in first sentence in fourth paragraph. to should be too. I’m sure there are Uber Black drivers who cancel rides to.

  6. I always put in a destination, but a driver cannot see it until the ride actually starts with me inside the car. If I’m going to less popular places, like “wrong” airport etc. I usually text the driver once a match is done, so that THEY can cancel if needed. I never cancel! Uber drivers are usually normal people like me, but I rather have a happy driver taking me to my destination than one that’s not.

      1. This is a fair perspective. If you are paying someone a load of money in Black that bugger should be accommodating as they are made much better than UberX. UberX presents a miserable subsistence for immigrants. They make less than any minimum wage but due to language issues many simply can’t get a job at a Jack in the Box

          1. You seem like you’re a douche bag. Get over the little things in life. If the uber driver doesn’t want to give you a ride to a certain destination why not cancel? Why not work together with other human beings instead of against them? There are a million uber drivers and there will be another one right after him. Jesus. Some people need real problems in their life so they can stop focusing on the little bullsh#%.

        1. Sorry man, but if someone can’t communicate with their customer due to a language barrier, that person should not be an Uber driver. If they can’t speak English, I assume they can’t read or write it either so that might be a reason they aren’t making much money doing Uber. Uber does a fair job of alerting driver’s to hotspots and promotions. Immigrants have it rough, true, but there are clear paths to success and education is key.

        2. “Due to” language issues…. is incorrect grammar. Correct grammar is “Because of..” I disagree about UBERX being a miserable subsistence for immigrants. I am an American and I am having fun doing the job and making great cash too..

        3. Well Matttew, this is from 2 years ago, obviously, but wow are you wrong. I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, but I sure hope you are. Most of my UberX drivers are NOT immigrants, great drivers, and even if they were immigrants, what does it matter? I live in NY in the NYC/LI region, and I can tell you a bunch do it as extra income, and make a TON of money! It’s a choice, like any job that has you as an independent contractor, but the pay off for no benefits is usually really good pay. Uber only takes 25% of the total cost of the ride. Uber is lucrative in the sense of making income or extra income, and you’ve popped up in this thread a couple of times, very clearly and gravely misinformed.

      2. UberBlack or X, failing to enter a destination isn’t hurting or helping anyone but you. You’re probably paying a few cents extra while that information is inputted into someone’s smartphone.

  7. Try getting a ride at IAD Airport after 10 PM on Uber or Lyft. The driver immediately calls and says “what’s your destination?” If I tell them ($25 ride) they immediately ask me to cancel with some BS story., if I tell them I won’t cancel, they wait you out for a few minutes and then ultimately cancel because they wont take a $25 ride at Dulles after 10 pm. Apparently, it has no effect on their rating. I complained to Uber and Lyft, they said it can’t possibly happen, they have no way of tracking driver cancellations and won’t do anything about it. I complained in writing to the do-nothing, corrupt and inept Washington Metro Airport Authority that drivers were discriminating against me once they heard my voice and learned my destination. WMAA could not have cared less. in fact they told me they aren’t responsible in any way for discrimination. (Even though WMAA makes drivers pay $4 for each airport pickup.) Could you imaging what would happen if I refused to ride in a cab because the driver was Muslim? or Asian? CNN and the WashPost would camp out in front of my house.

    Solution: Avis and Hertz have a lot of rentals at IAD from me . Or, tell the driver you are going to Bethesda and them change the destination once you get in and listen to them whine for 20 minutes.

    1. Rjb, I’ve definitely heard of this happening more than once at IAD. Curious if your experience was UberX or Black? I’ve heard it happen from a friend that uses Black frequently at IAD. It’s a real issue that Uber needs to deal with. The taxi cab drivers complain equally about cheap rides from IAD because of how long they need to wait to pick up a ride. I’m surprised the market hasn’t balanced this yet with less drivers looking for rides at IAD.

      1. Folks you don’t get it.. Uber is in wind down phase.. The free ride party is over. They can’t keep subsidizing your rides as investors now want profits and Uber will never be able to give them that..

          1. Here’s the real story on how and why..

            Key take away is clear. Uber needs to change the political landscape so much that they would need to end up as a monopoly. That is unlikely to happen. Additionally, Uber does not have a product like that of Amazon or Google or Facebook that dramatically changed anything. It is a ride hailing service with low barriers to entry.. So to recap again … Uber is in wind down mode. The billions in valuation already started being questioned this week. Investors are slowly but surely moving on. Uber was cool in 2014 but since then has lost any degree of cool factor. Also the manner that its business model causes folks to behave makes for a guarantee to be legislated to change or changed based on an absolute material wind down.

          2. Read the fine print before making assumptions like assuming your driver knows your destination because you typed it into your smartphone. Uber wants to know this information for many reasons, they don’t necessarily give a damn about their driver’s, and they don’t share this information with them until the driver clicks on “start ride”.

          3. Jorge, I know Uber doesn’t pass that info on to the drivers. I think I could probably argue in favor of providing this info to drivers if it helped reduce the cancellation rates.

    2. Do you even realize what these drivers have to deal with. They are independent contractors. Maybe they can’t drive an hour away and spend all their own money time and gas getting back. Many people don’t even tip.
      What Uber needs to do is let the drivers tel the ap if they are willing to drive 1 to 2 hours away. There are a ton of driver that want to do that, and many that don’t. The driver in Uber have no clue where they are going until they ask. Lyft drivers know exactly where they are going to if they except the ride they mean it. They don’t have to play guessing games.

    1. Any cancellation, whether it is initiated by you or the driver, affects a driver’s acceptance rate. This is in the Chicago market for UberX. That is important information to know and say since ignorance is rampant when it comes to Uber. Different markets have different rules (yes, seriously), and different classes of service have all kinds of regulation, sometimes based on their markets!

        1. I’m sorry, I mistyped. A driver’s acceptance rate is based on the number of trips a driver accepts.
          A driver’s cancellation rate is based on the number of trips a driver accepts and then cancels.

          A rider’s cancellation still affects the driver’s acceptance rate though because shame on that driver for not clicking on that request INSTANTLY.

    2. yes the driver can get the low rate while the cancel to rider . driver drove to passenger house that gas is free and wait 2 minute is free and then get the low rate , uber company shut down the phone and pay training to driver . thed river pay $60 pay to uber company . driver use own car and gas and drive but alittle money they get it so i dont want to drive it more .

      1. uber company training to driver 7×7 need topay free because uber cut amlost 35%cut money .driver not get $ 1 per mile . i drove the airport about 19 mile or 20 mile but i got the i drive 20 minute but i got $ 13.90 .that i used my own car and gas and go to pick up 5 minute to passenger house and then i did wait 2 minute free . total i spend 27 minute used my own car and gas but i got 13.90 that is not include tax deduct . passenger pay low rate to driver that uber shut off the driver phone and then pay training .that tanning fee is around $ 60 driver pay to uber . driver and passenger both money pay to uber .

  8. I’ve never had this happen to me before but I’m glad I know about it. I thought Uber could see cancelled rides though. I had commented to them once about a problem with a pick up and they were able to track what happened on their end.

  9. I am hoping in the near future that someone can come up with a way to disrupt the supermarket industry. I am really sick of going to the supermarket, dealing with the crowds, and spending time figuring out who has the best prices.

    1. karen, the margins at grocery stores (typically 2-3% on most items) make it unlikely we’ll see serious disruption anytime soon. Folks like Blue Apron are providing a sort of disruption, but they’re burning cash like crazy.

  10. It’s a shame that drivers are resorting to these less-than-honest tactics. Just like Angelina’s post about tipping, it stems with the low pay they receive. However, it’s a free market and they don’t have to drive for Uber or Lyft or at all. If the pay sucks, find another job or learn new skills in your free time until you can land a better paying job.

      1. What if it is NOT a job? What if the “independent contractor” (not an employee of any firm hence no job) simply joins in to the shared economy just like AirBnB? So the independent contractor (ic) has the right to have full disclosure of the facts including where someone wants that ic to drive them. What I see in this blog is a side of human nature that is quite frankly scary.. The whole premise to this discussion is sticking it to a class of persons (mostly immigrants) in a manner that is so distasteful. Does anywhere here actually read what they are writing and still decide to send the comment anyway? The F’em attitude is palpable. A class of folks treated in what I would consider to be a demographically structured racism. The poor immigrant simply wants to know one thing which any person you know who you would ask a favour to and that is where the F do you want me to drive you to? Would belittle your friend for asking this question? Would treat your own friend in the this such holier than thou manner? Nope you would not. But since it is okay to beat a slave you pile on here in this thread. Uber “throw them out” “If they don’t like our abuse then go do something else” etc etc. Why not just behave in a manner that is more like a gentle human than an ape banging your chests in disgust that a freaking immigrant wants to know where he might be taking you? Irish came to this country in droves in the 1800’s and were treated so poorly for their class or group.. You folks here for the most part are acting in the same disgusting manner that those folks did in those days. .. So Uber On and F the damn immigrant with low options!!!

        1. Matthew, the definition of a job, in part, is “a task or work, especially one that is paid.”. Regardless of whether they’re an independent contractor or not, they have a job to do if they choose to drive with Uber.
          They’re job is to pick people up and take them where they want to go. There are exceptions, for example when they might fear for their safety. Barring those times, they’re expected to provide service on a regular basis.
          A waiter/waitress is expected to bring customers their food. If they don’t do so, they won’t have a job for long.
          Looking for an example of an independent contractor? How about a truck driver? They might be able to make a living if they turned down loads, but they’re not as reliable as someone who always takes what they’re asked to deliver.

          The IC has no specific right to know where they’re going if they want to drive for Uber. They have an absolute right to choose not to drive for Uber or to pick up a specific ride. Those are choices they’re free to make.

          But, don’t confuse those rights with their right to dictate how Uber conducts business. If they don’t like it, they can go choose another platform or line of work.

          1. Don’t confuse how Uber conducts its business as legal. As we keep seeing them in the news each week with one scandal after another. Greyball clearly not legal and they dumped it, the IC issue are still sitting in a courtroom and each week as atty Shannon Liss-Riordan keeps pressing on with one case after another, picking up pax in Spain without a taxi license was ruled illegal and no longer permitted. Shit I could go on all day. The one thing that Shannon Liss-Riordan keeps chipping away at with each case she wins is the ability for the IC to decide. Uber has found a way each time to break the law in such a manner that is can buy some time until a judge says no go. Funny how much anger is presented towards a fellow human for simply asking what any friend would ask.. Where the F do you want to .. Uber may soon have to comply with providing that info anyway my question is, when they do will the folks who are so nasty towards drivers still use Ubers since the unthinkable of having to disclose where you are going has been made mandatory? My point overall is stop using legal bullshit to treat humans poorly, If there is a God he probably would not think highly of this behavior. Just treat folks as you would like to be treated and I am sure it would work out good for both parties. The nastiness here is amazing.

          2. Regardless of whether Uber flouts the law, the folks who choose to login and drive for Uber are making a choice. There are plenty of low-paying jobs an immigrant without good language skills can choose. Maintaining the position that they’re somehow forced to work for Uber is just patently false. If drivers don’t like the working conditions, they should leave.
            If Uber’s employment practices are found to be unlawful, that could take years. Disgruntled employees should move on to a job they can be happy at. They shouldn’t make customers miserable because they’re not happy in their job.

          3. You keep digging with the find another job.. It is like you feel you have a right to abuse another human being just because it is Uber’s policy to do so.. Yeah they surely can go and find something else to do but you too could choose not to be an complete jerk to another human since you are made “miserable” by the fact that that human simply wanted to know where heck you wanted to go to decide to take on a “SPECIFIC” activity which is the primary option that a “Independent” Contractor has.. If you wanted a wall in your home repaired you could NOT withhold info to that contractor in such a manner it would affect his ability to take on the role or not. So stop with the nonsense of telling folks to treat [mostly immigrants] like crap.. Give them full disclosure, don’t hide anything so that you can trick them into going somewhere they don’t want to go. INDEPENDENT contractor.. Not an employee. This means he/she shall be provided full disclosure. Shannon Liss-Riordan is NOT done.. She has more cases to bring against the abusers and will surely use comments like yours to prove her point of abuse of a class of persons in an unduly nasty manner. You keep demonstrating with each response that you have no time to care for a fellow human being and that Uber gave you personally the right to abuse a class of persons just because Uber extended you a license to do so. That is nasty in every imaginable way. My point here is STOP treating anyone poorly and you are not in this society extended a license by any firm to be nasty. You have to answer for your own actions and treating someone in a nasty manner reflects on you not them.

          4. Matthew, as a human being, they are entitled to full disclosure. As a company, Uber has a right to regulate whether they can work on their platform. If a driver is consistently not providing the service required of them, I believe Uber should throw them off the platform. To be clear, I have no problem with Uber providing my destination to a driver BEFORE they make the choice to pick me up. Once they’ve made a commitment to pick me up, they need to abide by that commitment if I’m asking them to perform a legal service.

          5. Your error is the assumption that this is a “job” for an “Employer” for pay and benefits. Wrong.

            Dead Wrong.

            Whether its a rideshare or and AirBnB, you use the service at the pleasure and good graces of the owner of the car or home they own. This is not a Taxi or Limo service. It’s a private rideshare. Someone is willing to let strangers into their own personal vehicle, use their gas, and put wear and tear on their vehicle in exchange for rent. Unlike a business like a taxi service, this is their personal transport. They take their kids to school in it, they go to the store, they do errands, etc. It’s their car.

            Unlike a hotel, you simply can’t waltz in the front door of an AirBnB and demand hotel grade service and treatment. Your in someone’s private home, not a business or a corporate property. Rideshare is the exact same thing. You are not taking a taxi or limo service owned by a business or corporate entity with paid employees. You are stepping into someone’s private vehicle that they have graciously offered up to give strangers a ride and they ask you to compensate them for their time, gas, and wear n tear on their vehicle.

            As a private person using their own private vehicle, they have every right to set the terms of what they are willing to offer a rider. If they feel unsafe, they have the right to refuse a ride, they don’t like Uberpool, they have the right to refuse the ride. They don’t like your attitude, they have the right to stop the car and ask you to leave. Generally, if your being disrespectful of the person who is offering to take you someplace (fore money or not) they have every right to refuse you in their personal vehicle. You have no rights as a rider. It’s their property, not yours.

            Ridesharing is a privilege, not a right. You have plenty of alternatives including Taxis, Limos, public Bus, light rial, trains, bicycle, or simply walking. You don’t like the terms of the driver/owner of the vehicle, then use an alternate.

            But don’t sit here and complain then conspire how to screw these people just because you disagree with their rights as individual property owners. it’s their property. You have no right to it unless they offer it to you.

          6. Marc, if your attitude is the one taken by Uber/Lyft drivers, the service will die. There has to be an expected level of service or people won’t use your product.

      2. What i dont understand is why do you think people hate their job just because they dont want to do crappy rides? I like my job when it pays well when i am getting compensated for my time and miles, and i am the one paying for my car not uber. Why do you think you have the right to complain to uber when the drivers are ones paying for the gas, time and wear and tear on their cars to get to your destination for 3 times less than a taxi. Taking a taxi is luxury and no one wants to take you for cheapest rates that simply arent worth it! Are you paying for my repairs? Are you paying for my insurance? Are you paying for my gas and time? I mean seriously cant believe the nerve of these people that really believe that anyone wants to drive at base rates.

        1. Nonayrbusiness, your “job” with Uber is to fulfill a ride once you accept it. Same “job” for me as a customer. If you accept my ride, you have an obligation to take me to my destination. I have no idea if you want to drive at the base rates Uber offers or not. From all the feedback I’ve heard, I suspect there are plenty of people that don’t agree with what Uber pays. If that’s the case with you, then why do you continue to do it? If you don’t like the price you’re being paid for an Uber ride, I’m not really the guy you have a problem with. Your issue is with Uber. I’m paying the price offered in the app. I’m not asking for it cheaper. And, I generally choose Uber Black anyway, so I’m not really price shopping.

  11. The government should just guarantee Uber drivers $15 an hour plus free health care. Uber can keep adding taxes fees and surchrages until the handouts are paid for. What could possibly go wrong with that model?

    1. That is a great model.. And I would then agree that where you are going would not be a factor. But when a firm decides to go down the slippery slope calling folks IC’s they open themselves up to all that goes along with it with the primary factor being the ability to choose to or not to do an act based on the facts available. The laws ARE going to adapt to this trickery be employed, They are studying the methods in Germany, Uber is in talks in Paris to use YOU GUESSED IT, employees vs IC, and these firms (Fedex, Amazon, Uber, Lyft (just two days ago 27 million settlement) Grubhub etc) , the UK and on and on. So the gig is sort of up. Either way Uber is toast.. They are in wind down phase and the survivors will employ absolutely loose control in order not to be dragged into court for another sacking. Meanwhile if someone just wants to decide to take you on a ride simply oblige and move on to someone who wants if the first person you encounter does not. If no one will then try Lyft. And if that does not work well there is always the old taxi

      1. Matthew, putting the onus on the customer to keep trying to find drivers who want to take you somewhere is not a customer service business. The onus should be on the drivers to be willing to accept rides when they’re logged in to the system. If they don’t want to cover a reasonable travel area, they shouldn’t login and accept rides.

        1. Nah, there is no onus on any contractor to do anything. That is the rub. You have no relationship with the independent contractor. Your beef needs to be with Uber not the IC. The IC has not received any “consideration” i.e. monies. He as only be presented with an offer to do work. Just as your handy man IC can turn down your wall repair after thinking to himself he does not like you. If he was an employee well this might be a whole other discussion. You need to press Uber, with whom you have a relation, not the IC. Tell Uber their model sucks. Tell Uber you are not happy with their IC model as the IC has too many options under the law. Logged in only means available to take offers. Not to commit to them. It is nothing more than a leads system. You can cancel that ride up to a certain point and the IC receives nothing. Do generally set the agreed upon price with the IC? Nope. You do provide full disclosure to the IC? Nope. The clash around the abuse of laws is flowing into the courts. As another post properly suggested Uber should hire folks and then set the rules. But relying on an IC model create your discomfort along with the discomfort of so many others in the chain. Demand a change from Uber not an IC.. Once the IC gets a job at Uber as an employee I would be on this blog agreeing with you for the most part. Just get the full understanding in your mind of what it means to deal with IC’s they don’t have any, none, zilch contractual relation with you… So find a firm that has employees and then you can even complain to their managers.. Meanwhile you will be suffering the consequences of Uber’s model of using ICs.. Once they provide you the full benefits of an employee by NO MEANS expect a low cost ride. That’s history. Meanwhile watch in awe as Uber winds down over the next 2-3 years. Nope self driving cars won’t be picking you up either. Moreover, they found that removing the driver extends about a 5% delta in costs.

          1. Matthew, the IC enters into a contract with Uber to access their platform. They are bound by their rules if they access their platform. Your assertion on IC only holds water if they haven’t already agreed to a relationship with Uber. If I call you and ask you to give me a ride, you have zero obligation to me. If you have agreed to the TOC to be able to access Uber’s platform, you’re bound by their requirements. Or, you’re free to start “Matthew Drives”.

          2. I fully get it now.. You have an utopian idea of how an IC relationship works. You have it that they driver “must” do certain things based on offers. Yes Uber has a ToC but nowhere in there will find the word must in relationship to taking or completing an offer. You think like so many that Uber drivers are employees because Uber tries in every way possible to make them so without the employment obligations that go along with that status. And every so many months that perception keeps coming back to haunt both Uber and now passengers. You are probably inclined to believe that Uber is something other than a taxi. It is not anything but a taxi.. This whole house of cards is finally unraveling and it is taking casualties. You can’t be blamed for the mass PR that Uber does to get you to think what you do but it is simply a press offensive by Uber and Lyft etc. I drove for Uber for 2 weeks once to get a 1000 sign on bonus (only time ever driving a car would be that profitable) and in those two weeks through an asshole out of my car, not Uber’s car, not the passenger’s car but my car. My IC car with the right to decide the beginning and the end of ride for anyone. Never heard a peep from Uber about the incident but they have begged since that time I come back and get abused (never was my intention to drive a car for a living but shit 1000 dollars for 50 rides and the oppty to see how folks in that world are treated was irresistible) Uber is a Taxi service with a really bad model. Like a car with bad ignition timing all sorts of bad collateral damage is now being bestowed on all parties. Think about it, there is not a single party to the Uber experience that is happy now. Passenger (NO), Drivers (NO), Uber (NO-they are going under), Uber Inestors (NO-they are never gonna see their money back).. So to that I say well done. But just remember to do full disclosure with a driver upfront and chat to him/her such that they want to give a ride. You do realize that the whole idea was based the fact that many folks had cars doing nothing and someone somewhere needed a ride. If you want a reliable service get a taxi or a hotel room vs a Uber driver or a AirBnB..

          3. Uber drivers are Independent Contractors bound by ToS.. There is no contract. Yes there are rules but none can/will suggest any “musts” due to statutes.. Where Uber has strayed courts have brought them to heel. You are only suffering the consequences of a horrible biz model and you slant is against your only human contact with the firm – “the driver” so when you rate Uber you rate the driver.. Sort of brilliant PR in a way but lately they [Uber] can’t get out of their own way. They did a heck of job convincing the masses to blame the driver and not Uber.. Without a countervailing voice to the silliness spent on this site you all would go on believing the misrepresentations since they suit the ultimate goals of yourselves of sadistic behavior towards humans. Sad really. Just tell the poor bugger where it is you want to go.. Just like taxi services do in Peru it turns out. I can’t remember not give my destination to a taxi company ever.. Strange you folks object to it solely because Uber let you.

          4. If you read back through my replies, you’ll see I have no problem with an Uber driver knowing my destination. I have a problem with them canceling after they agree to provide me a service. Separately, agreeing to the TOS creates a contract between the two parties. That’s just fact.

          5. Okay fair play you did indeed say that. However due to that nasty IC arrangement the driver can literally cancel the ride at any time. Does not sound like a great biz practice and it is clearly not but more importantly due to the nature of an IC arrangement it is purely okay under the IC statues.. Uber can’t touch that area.. Well they have and each time they are being brought to heel. So my guess is that with recent publicity the investors are going to try to make nice with Drivers etc and try try try to stay away from court where they can. So that means even more slack for drivers to decide.. Maybe you should consider tried and tested Black car services that have been around for ages.. I used to live in Ashburn and all I ever saw around IAD were those cars.. Waaaaay before Uber was even born. Those cars are on every corner.. So don’t sweat it there are plenty of services out there that I am sure have impeccable cust service. Uber simply decided to sort of do the China model i.e. low quality guaranteed by amount allocated to product. I still buy loads of stuff from China but I don’t fret it when it breaks its shit and so too would/should a ride with Uber be considering the amount of $$ dedicated to the product. They [uber} screwed everyone in the name of cheap. Shit this whole discussion was born on the back of Uber’s idiotic biz model. In all fairness once you have an agreed upon driver you should not be getting cancelled on. That is nuts But don’t blame the driver for Uber’s moronic biz plan that almost guarantees this shit happening.. I am accountant and have been one my whole life. I have worked at billion dollar firms as a controller an DoF and know a shit biz plan that is destined fail when I see one. Uber’s just a bunch of misguided ideas cobbled together with large investor money chasing a silly dream. Fuck man they are in taxi biz. Leave that shit to the mafia

  12. If I received the call asking about my destination, I would just talk to them with foreign language and report if they cancelled. ‘Refunding’ cancellation fee and one star rating ready.Fair play wasn’t it.

  13. I hate to tell you this, but the only difference between a UberX and a Uberblack driver is, one, the vehicle and two, the Uberblack driver has a commercial license. They can be a brand new Uber driver. They don’t know the city any better then any other driver, only their personal experience, which may be zero because they may have just gotten their commercial license when they applied at uber. You are just paying for a more comfortable ride. That is literally it.

    1. Jamey B, my experience differs from yours. While I have had inexperienced Uber Black drivers, I’ve had a considerably higher percentage of knowledgeable drivers at that level than Uber X.

      1. Edward,

        I am a driver and what do you say to all those who request a trip the driver accepts then in 1 minute 50 second the passenger cancels and now the driver burned his gas, time and vehicle to get to you for you to cancel. The problem is you and your mind live in a world of being privileged. For you you deserve the best “Experience” in life because you have an entitlement type of personality.

        Not once have I heard you mention or state anything about “Empathy”

        Why do you use the term experience for an Uber ride? For Christs sake your getting a ride from A to B that’s it nothing more. Your generation has blown this into something it should not be.

        Why doesn’t your generation talk about or use the term “Experience” when your on the toilet crapping? It’s a simple thing and to put more stupid emphasis on a simple thing hurts us all. Your generation has destroyed the word “Experience”

        An experience is a night out with your wife and children at an amusement park doing many, many different things. Things that spur an emotion, evoke a memory that can bring a tear to your eyes such as the most touching moments of love and endearment.

        Your generation wants to tag everything with the phrase “The Experience” like a fucking elevator ride. My elevator ride experience wasn’t what I expected!!

        Entitlement is your biggest problem, instead what this world needs to people who are empathetic, who can feel for another human being and what they go through in their everyday life struggles.

        Your generation of entitled people are taking the best part of being human out of the life of everyday humans.

  14. I had a few racist Uber drivers refuse to pick me up because they were waiting on their prized “white riders”. I guess because I didn’t tip them they refused to pick me up, and then had the nerve to charge me a $5.00 cancellation fee, when the driver drove past me multiple times intentionally.

  15. Uber drivers are independent contractors and are under no obligation to pick up anyone they don’t want to pick up or take someone where they don’t wish to be driving. Uber seriously needs to send the destination to the driver so he/she can decide if they want to take the ride. The independent contractor status is quite important.

    1. Not really. Uber drivers may be independent contractors. But they drive under the Taxi license in many markets like NY, DC, VA and Maryland. So it’s illegal to refuse a destination. Period. Keep doing it and you may have your license suspended.

  16. The reason we want to know ahead of time is we might not want to go 200 miles after we’ve been on for 12 hours. Plus we don’t get any money for the return trip, so if it takes 3 hours and $50 in gas we should have the option of refusing the call. I can realistically make $100 in those three hours. To go the 200 miles I’d make around $175 and probably not get a tip since most passengers are cheap. So it’s really not worth it. There are other ways for drivers to cancel, too. If a passenger really wants to make the trip they should offer some money for the driver’s time and gas on the return trip. Otherwise that 6 hours round trip turns into $125, which is a lot less than we’d make staying local. And you know you’d have to pay a lot more any other method you took except maybe by bus, but you wanted the car, make it worth our time.

  17. Your argument is flawed. As INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, Uber/Lyft drivers have the legal RIGHT to refuse service for ANY REASON! If that reason is they don’t want to go to the destination you want them to take you to, THEY HAVE THAT RIGHT! There are a plethora of other completely valid reasons that your driver can & should cancel on you. For example, they could be trying to obtain a bonus by only doing short trips with no additional stops due to the number of rides they need to complete every week in order to achieve said bonus. They could also deem it not worth their while to take you on a long trip and not get paid for the gas/wear&tear on their vehicle on the way back to the area they usually work. Or, they could simply be just be trying to protect their ratings from being dinged by entitled jerk wads. In ALL of these cases, it is in the driver’s best interest to cancel trips that aren’t profitable to them and/or to protect their ability to continue working on the platform since drivers below 4.6 are at risk of deactivation. That’s right – your douchey “4 star” rating for an “okay” ride could actually get someone fired! Ever think about that?? If they got your entitled ass there safely with no serious issues, why not rate them 5 stars? OMG – they didn’t have bottled water or roll out a red carpet for you as you entered/exited their vehicle? OMG they weren’t listening to the same type of music you like but you didn’t even bother asking them if they wouldn’t mind putting on something else more tailored to your liking? OMG they didn’t “entertain” you with engaging conversion even though your ass was sitting there glued to your cell phone not saying a word the entire time and they were probably just trying to be respectful to you and offer you some peace & quiet during your ride since it seemed to them that’s what you wanted? OMG they didn’t want to take you through the hour long drive-thru line at Taco Bell? OMG they didn’t want to waste their time picking up / dropping off all your friends on a single trip just so you guys can split the bill and save a little bit of money while at the same time screwing over your driver who would still make less than a taxi would even if all the extra stops were done as separate Uber/Lyft rides? Get over yourself!! Why should your driver have to risk their job and the bottom line of their INDEPENDENT BUSINESS just to please your entitled ass – all because you don’t feel like you should have to reveal to them exactly where you’re going??? Get real! The driver has a contract with the platform, NOT YOU! You are nothing more than a lead to them – in other words, a “potential” client. They aren’t obligated to do shit for you until they’ve actually started the trip! I suggest you put yourself in their shoes and try driving on these platforms full time for a little while to see what drivers go through on a daily basis. Also, read up on independent contractors’ rights next time you decide to write an article like this because it only makes you sound like an uneducated, insensitive, entitled A-hole when all is said and done! Honestly, you should just remove this POS misinformed article from it’s existence before it seriously impacts your reputation as a journalist because you are obviously oblivious to the implications of what you’re writing about! The only thing this article achieves is promoting passengers to treat their drivers like shit! Is that the kind of behavior that you intend to promote here? Because that’s exactly what it’s doing!

    1. Wow! I know the feeling. I drive for Uber and Lyft also. I have riders asking me if I can drop them off a store, school, bank, fast food, friend’s house, office, or such if I can wait for them. When I said no they rated me 1 star. I got pool or line riders telling me to get on the carpool lane when there was no traffic. I said no cause if I do, it’ll be hard for me to cut through 4-5 lanes to exit for another pool or line rider. I got 1 star for that. I got request for a pool trip, accepted it, arrives to see a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 kids. The mom said the kids don’t count as passengers…. OMG!! I cancel and leave. The father called me an asshole. I got riders who eat in my car without asking me if it’s ok and made a big mess. The worst are pool or line riders heading to airport, school, work, or such
      and I picked up other riders and they complained that they’ll be late. I explained to them that you are the one who chose UberPool, LyftLine that other riders will be pick up along the way, its not my fault. They rated me 1 star. So, fuck you Edward Pizzarello for this comment, ” if you click the button to accept my ride request, you should fulfill that request. If you don’t want to, stop driving for Uber”.

      1. Hey, thanks for your sunshiney thoughts! I’m sure there are horrible Uber customers. But, the reality is that if you keep canceling rides you don’t want to fulfill, that erodes trust in the system. If less people push the button, you make less money.

  18. Driver with over a thousand rides here. We (the drivers) never ever ever see your destination until after you’re in the car and the ride has started. But you NOT putting in your destination can make things awkward if there are other cars having to move around our parked car while we wait for you to type it in. Google Maps needs that address to give us dorections, and we need Google Maps.

      1. Edward, I would love to see you be a n UberX driver for a couple of weeks. You’d be singing a different tune.

        Just had a lady cuss me out because traffic on the freeway was bad at 5pm. Because I got cut off 3 times, and because it was cold and raining outside. Somehow everything was my fault as an Uber driver. Ruined my whole day!

        1. Joe, I’m not saying it’s a great job. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked flight attendants why they continue to do their job if they hate it. If you don’t like it, find something that you do like. Life’s too short!

  19. Basic Uber/Lyft without Surge is so damn cheap that ANY ride in the wrong direction (not homeward or not to a point where they’re likely to hook a return trip is LOSING ACTUAL MONEY (not “potential profits”, but straight up negative expense)

    ….add in wait times at airports, and hells yeah, nobody wants to donate their time and resources to take you in the wrong direction.

    Uber the company doesnt care, of course, and trjes to bully its noobs into subsudizing its customers with threats of termination for cancelling by driver / destination doscrimination…. The veterans walk the fine line (which isnt actually defined as such, just rumors that Bob with the red camry or Ahmed with the silver prius got canned last week for this or that).

    Just try again. Some other dude DOES want to go in your direction.

    PS your $25 is actually:
    $4-5 airport fee
    $2-4 “booking” (Uber/Lyft skimming off the top)
    And 20-30% commission on the remaining 17.50ish….

    …Leaving your driver with $12.

    1. Fyl, I get that being an Uber or Lyft driver, especially at the UberX level of pricing can be tough to make money at. I’m just saying that being able to cancel rides in this manner undermines customer confidence. When you’re in a rush and you have to “try again” you probably would have gotten their quicker in a cab.

      1. Yes, it does I have had back to back cancelations that have made me late on many occasions and with no cab or bus options in my area; I have given up and decided to walk the 30 min to 2 hours.

  20. Then get a cab then! If you dont like that drivers cancel than dont use the uber platform because drivers are allowed to cancel as they are independent contractors and not employees. So if you dont like it then dont use the ridesharing platforms period. Its not anyones fault but the companies that are running the platforms and how they set it up so they are cut huge overhead costs. You dont like it? Then use a cab! And pay for it, actually pay what you should be paying to begin with. The only reason your getting cheap rides is because uber is actually paying the drivers to give you the cheap ride, subsiding all the costs to the passengers. If you want a cheap ride than your gonna have to find another way around your problem, maybe you should call the driver first and tell them that you are heading out of the city. Give them a heads up so they know what they are in for. You dont get charged for canceling unless its been after 5 mins. Why you dont grow a brain and call the driver as soon as they accept the ride so you know ahead of time if they will even take you.

    1. Non, I don’t want a cheap ride. I almost exclusively use Uber Black. I want a reliable ride to my destination in a safe car from someone who knows the local market. I agree that Uber likely charges too much for you to use their platform.
      I don’t think it makes sense at all for me to call my Uber driver and ask them if they’re okay taking me to my destination. I already entered my destination into the app and was quoted a price. I think Uber should share that information with you, the driver. However, I don’t think the onus is on the customer to supply that information twice. I provided the information. If the lack of info to you, the driver, causes me to lose faith in the service, I’ll go elsewhere. So, yelling at me really doesn’t solve your problem.

  21. Again you keep repeating yourself. You entered in the destination on the app but the drivers cant see it. The point is most drivers dont want to take you so far, so i think it would be most beneficial for yourself to call the driver and tell them otherwise your time will be wasted too. If you keep the doing the same thing your going to get the same result everytime.

    1. Nonayrbusiness, I use the Uber product exactly as it is intended to be used by Uber. We’re in agreement that Uber should share the location with you. But, if you, as the driver, don’t want to drive certain places, then the onus really should be on you to inquire with me. If your business is to drive people places, I can’t see any reason why I’d assume you don’t want to actually do that. It’s your right to do whatever you want, but the onus shouldn’t be on the customer to serve the driver.

      1. Nope. The place where the rider is going is never shared. That’s the law, to prevent discrimination based on destination. Most Uber drivers work under a taxi license. In DC, VA and MD. So, if they ask for your destination and then refuse. Make sure you complain to the DC Taxi commission or the VA taxi commission in the county. Maryland makes it easy. Uber is required to show the Maryland Taxi commission link. You can click and get your message to the Taxi commission.

        Uber drivers should understand that once they click accept on the ride. They have to take the ride. If they cancel based on destination, they are violating the law.

        So, Edward drivers are not shown the destination because until they show up and pick up your destination is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. And they cannot refuse based on destination after they show up.

    2. If a driver is accepting a trip, it means he is committing to it. He knows that Uber doesnt show them destination, he knows he might get payment less than he expected. He is well aware of all the pros and cons. And yet he accepts the trip. So he should stick to the commitment. If he cannot or does not want to face any con he might as well not drive Uber at all, cause riders are not a-holes that they book the trip, wait for the driver to show up and only be told the driver does not “feel like” going to that place. If the driver has any such issues he should call the rider and ask them about the destination but not force them to tell the destination cause driver was well aware in the beginning itself the destination might not be of his choice!
      I had such an experience yesterday. After ride came, i sat in it the driver says not a word, nothing. After asking twice what happened he asks about the destination. Am i a fool? Was he dumb earlier???
      And when I complained the cursed uber said “We had left a figgin NOTE on the rider’s profile”?! Means the driver is free to repeat it as many times as he wants!
      Bullshit customer service by uber!. I took Ola after that and am always gonna stick to Ola, they atleast take action against the driver and show us what they did!

      1. And Uber had the audacity to charge me for a ride that the driver cancelled after that girlish drama. Though I got that back but it was a damn annoying experience.

  22. It’s called drivers will stick to driving in the city after driving for lyft or uber for so long. It might be cheaper for a lyft or uber to the airport, but a lot of people have had me drive 20 minutes just to drive them to the gas station 5 blocks down so they could get cigarettes then drive them back. On top of that you’ll be sitting there for 10-15 minutes before you got that ride request, and by the time you get another ride request it may have already been an hour now, so in that hour, you earned $5 and probably spent that in gas, and they complained that you took awhile, left no tip and gave you a bad review which if your rating goes to 4.6 and stays low for too long then you get fired. I’ll drive the 40 minutes to an hour driving to Chicago just to get consistent quick rides there, where it doesn’t matter if the trip is long or short because ride requests are quick and the pickup distance is short. Unless you’ve driven for uber or lyft, you have absolutely no idea how much we get screwed. Like if you don’t use the waze app in Chicago you’re doing it wrong because they still have over 160 active speeding and red light cameras which were already declared unconstitutional in many other states. One slip up and there goes $100 dollars that you have to pay which for some people would wipe out half a day to a day’s worth of work depending on the day. If you’re renting a car with lyft then they charge you an additional 30 on top of that for redirecting the ticket in your direction. In spite of all of that I still drive in the city where some people may be upset I’m not speeding because they’re late for work but too bad, I’m not paying 130 for a speeding ticket with these sensitive speeding cameras all over the city. You’re short on time but you ordered a lyft like? 100% your fault we have no control of people being added to the lyft line or who we drop off first. Unless your driver was a dick, give them 5 stars. If they cancel, oh well order another one, we can only decline so many rides anyway. And that’s why I avoid the driving in the suburbs like the plague even though I live in the suburbs.

    1. Thank you so much for clarifying this! I live in a rather small tourist town and when “locals” request a ride that 22 minute ride is actually two or three towns over. Going all that way to pick someone up to take them to Taco Bell and back for 4.00 is horrendous when it cost me 5.00 to get to them in the first place! I have and definitely will continue to call passengers if they are a couple of towns over and ask them if they are going to a destination close to their home or farther because I will not drive 22 minutes for a 2 mile ride. I will constantly lose money and depreciate the value of my car much faster if I continue to do that. Typically, if I let the passenger know this most of the time they will incentivize the drive to make it actually worth it. Which is completely their choice. No hard feelings if not! But I can’t if they don’t.

  23. Depends, if you fuck up and order a ride and no longer need it then you should cancel (driver wont cancel, because it impacts his records). Otherwise they are just gonna pull up to the meet point and start racking up those waiting charges all night long. In the case that your past the 2-4min mark suck it up and take the $5 hit, its your fault anyways.

    1. anon, you should definitely cancel if you don’t need the ride. That’s just the right thing to do. We’re talking about instances where the driver doesn’t want to take you where you’re going.

  24. Well Mr. Pizza !
    I only got as far as Matthew C. and Joe and dont need to read any more of your arrogant know it all responses which seem to suggest that if these drivers (Yes, Independent Contractors) do not come to work READY AND WILLING TO SERVE MR. PIZZA THEY SHOULD GET ANOTHER JOB !
    WELL my initial thought is why dont you GO F**K YOURSELF YOU ARROGANT PR**K !
    Have you heard of the 13th amendment ?
    No not everyone is an immigrant who is around to serve Mr. Pizza !

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