DEAL: $1,500 Round-Trip in British Airways’ Brand New Business Class!

In case you missed it, British Airways released information on their brand new business class product this week.  The product looks wonderful.  Much has been written about British Airways business class by my fellow bloggers and how much they don’t like the current version.  I’ve traveled in it many times and actually don’t have an issue with it.  That being said, the new product looks lovely.  You can see a more in-depth write-up on it on God Save the Points.   Now, bear with me for a minute, since I’m […]

HURRY! $1500 Business Class Round-Trip Tickets To Australia!

It seems to be a great week for crazy fares in business and first class.  Just a few days ago we had $700 round-trip business class tickets from Asia to the US.  These were super useful for folks who know how to combine some miles with a great flight deal.  Alas, that fare died off quickly. Now, we have reports of a $1500 round-trip fare in business class to Australia!  According to Ben, availability is wide open. I found the fares pretty quickly on Air New Zealand, but I’ve heard […]

Take An Uber, Get A Free BOGO Coupon From Starbucks!

Now through December 9th, if you take an Uber ride you’ll receive a buy one get one free drink coupon redeemable at Starbucks.  It’s part of Uber’s “Week of Cheers”.  And, drivers can also earn Starbucks gift cards if they earn enough tips from drivers.  Uber’s blog has all the details: The holidays can be a hectic time of year. Between gift shopping, home decorating, and merry making, we sometimes need a reason to just be there for friends and loved ones. That’s why this holiday season, Uber and Starbucks® […]

Delta Cyber Monday Award Sale! Big Discounts On US, Caribbean, Europe and Australia

Don’t Forget To Check Out All The Cyber Monday/Black Friday Deals I’m Tracking Delta joins the list of airlines with solid Cyber Monday award sales today.  They ran a pretty decent award sale on Black Friday, but I missed out on covering it for you guys before it ended. Thankfully, there’s another good one to track.  Deals We Like reported on it earlier today.  Since Delta doesn’t have a published award chart, it’s a bit hard to tell exactly how good some of these “prices” are for award flights.  But, […]

Check Your Account! 20% Off Amazon Purchases From American Express AND $15 Off From Chase Ultimate Rewards Alive Again!

I was disappointed when I wasn’t targeted for either great offer on Black Friday, but I am today! There are two fabulous offers for Amazon discounts right now. You can save 20% on your Amazon purchases if you’re targeted for an American Express Membership Rewards offer. And, you can save $15 if you were targeted for a Chase Ultimate Rewards offer.