Black Friday Travel Gear: My Favorites

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It’s the craziest time of year for shopping.  I’ve been keeping an eye on prices since earlier this year on some key items that we want to buy both for gifts and to replace items in our home.  After scouring the Amazon Black Friday deals, I compiled this list of items that are priced at a deal compared to the rest of the year.

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Anker Gear On Sale For Black Friday

Anker is my go-to for all things power.  I love their cables, chargers, batteries, you name it.  I even love their projectors. Great prices for great gear.  Here’s a list of items I’d consider on Prime Day:

Apple Gear On Sale For Prime Day

Bose Gear On Sale For Prime Day

DJI Mini 3 Drone Starter Pack

I’ve just started experimenting with this drone and absolutely love it!

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