Best Gear To Exercise And Stay Healthy While Traveling

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Anyone who knows me probably read the title to this story and thought, “there’s no way Ed wrote this”.  You’d be mostly right.  While I do use the Peloton app on the road to squeeze in some workouts I’m far, far less likely to exercise than my wife.  A marathoner, fitness nut and pilates instructor, she’s constantly looking for ways to keep her healthy routine intact while we travel.

I thought it would be a nice change for Prime Day to have her put together a list of her favorite exercise gear you can take with you when you travel.  You won’t find any batteries, cables or hand mixers on this list.  Just a bunch of gear to help you stay in shape (with a brief comment from my wife on each).  If you click on our Amazon links we do earn a commission.  My wife has her eye on a few more travel exercise gadgets, so we appreciate the support!

CoreFirst Resistance Pilates System

Comments from my wife: Lightest and easiest Pilates system to take on the road.  Mimics using the reformer and provides total body resistance training.  App provides guided workouts for beginners and advance practitioners, from classical Pilates workouts to resistance exercise HITT for those who prefer not to do Pilates.  Anchors system to almost any stable surface or door.

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TriggerPoint Foam Massage Ball for Deep-Tissue Massage

Michelle’s thoughts: Self trigger point massage.  Best on the market to mimic the feeling of a massage.  Smaller ball is perfect for releasing tension in neck, shoulders chest, feet and calves, while the 5” is best for larger areas such as glutes, hip flexors and extensors.  

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MELT Hand & Foot Therapy Ball Kit

Michelle’s thoughts: Another great alternative is hand and foot kit from Melt Method.   Comes with a small guide book that helps find relief at the root cause of stuck stress in your body.

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Whatafit Resistance Bands Set

Michelle’s thoughts: Resistance band travel set with door anchor.  Bring the gym to your room.  This set anchors to any door.  Up to 150 lbs of resistance.

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TRX GO Suspension Trainer System

Michelle’s thoughts: TRX on the Go suspension system. Designed by a Navy Seal to provide quality workouts using your own body weight.  Anchors to a door and the TRX training club app will guide you through the perfect workout.   Prefer Pilates?  Check out the TryBe app for Pilates949 suspension workouts. 

a group of black and yellow straps


Michelle’s thoughts: If you rely on hotel fitness centers but prefer kettle bell workouts vs. dumbbell,  this is the best dumbbell converter.  Simply clamp it around your choice of weight and instant kettlebell weight.  

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Redify 2 Pack Adjustable Jump Rope for Workout

Michelle’s thoughts: The best full body cardio workout is a childhood favorite.  This jump rope choice is a good option and packs easily.

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Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat

Michelle’s thoughts: I’m writing this list from a hotel room and wish I had this right now.  Hotel towels aren’t covering it.  A foldable yoga mat would be perfect for me! 

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The Final Two Pennies

My wife is very resourceful when we’re on family vacations.  She manages to keep her workout routine mostly intact no matter where we are.  At least one of these items is in our suitcase no matter where we go.  Usually she brings more than one so she can have a variety of workouts on the road.  Some of these items have some pretty good Prime Day specials.  Happy hunting!

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