Amazon Prime Day Deals I’m Looking At

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If you’ve been living under a rock you might not know that Amazon Prime Day is today (July 11th) and tomorrow.  We earn commission if you buy anything from our links.  Pizza in Motion has always been free to all readers and we appreciate your support to help us buy our gear for our next trip!  Don’t forget to check out my wife’s favorite exercise gear, especially if you’re healthier than me (pretty low bar to clear).

Anker Gear On Sale For Prime Day

Anker is my go-to for all things power.  I love their cables, chargers, batteries, you name it.  I even love their projectors. Great prices for great gear.  Here’s a list of items I’d consider on Prime Day:

Apple Gear On Sale For Prime Day

Bose Gear On Sale For Prime Day

My Drone Is On Sale!

I’ve just started experimenting with this drone and absolutely love it!



  1. I really want a drone but I am terrible at trying to use that stick thingy. I am afraid I’ll lose it!!!

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