BEST DEAL SO FAR: ALMOST 20% Off Southwest Gift Cards Through 5/5: Costco Deal

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Costco and Southwest have been partnering together on gift card sales for the past year or so.  These deals pop up once a month and vary between 10 and 20%.  Today and tomorrow (May 5th, 2024) they’re offering a discount of at least 16% for everyone and slightly higher if you’re a Costco member.  It’s a lesser known factoid that you can buy items from Costco’s website even if you don’t have a Costco membership, but the extra $30 per card makes a big difference on your discount here.

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You can buy up to 5 of these $500 gift cards for $419.99 apiece.  And, you can tack on up to another 4% savings (roughly $17) per card if you’re a Costco Executive member using the Citi Costco Card.  It’s a 2% discount for Executive Members and an additional 2% if you charge the purchase on your Citi Costco Card.  Those discounts are on the $419.99 price, which means a total discount of about 19.5%.

The Final Two Pennies

Southwest gift cards don’t expire, which makes this an easy deal to take advantage of.  I’ll buy a bunch of these for work travel, but it’s also a really easy way for you to get almost a 20% discount on airfare for your next vacation. Even if you don’t have a specific need for Southwest gift cards today, they can take you to plenty of places (including Hawaii and the Caribbean).  And, the gift cards don’t expire.  With a limit of five gift cards, this can be a good time to stock up for your next vacation.

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