Tips to stay in shape on the road.

Best Gear To Exercise And Stay Healthy While Traveling

Anyone who knows me probably read the title to this story and thought, “there’s no way Ed wrote this”.  You’d be mostly right.  While I do use the Peloton app on the road to squeeze in some workouts I’m far, far less likely to exercise than my wife.  A marathoner, fitness nut and pilates instructor, she’s constantly looking for ways to keep her healthy routine intact while we travel. I thought it would be a nice change for Prime Day to have her put together a list of her favorite […]

Pizza Week In Review For Sunday, January 17th

Given my recent travel craziness, I found myself with a rare week at home.  I still ended up at an airport to try and work on an airline ticket that I couldn’t change over the phone and we did the kids skiing, but the rest of the week was work.  You’d never know it based on how bad my desk looks. Anyways, in case you missed anything, here’s what I covered on the blog this week: Most Popular Post of the Week: Hotel Workers Can Hear You Having Sex And Other […]

3 Quick Tips For Healthy Travel

Traveling is a pain in my….Back!!! First, a quick refresher on who I am.  I’m Michelle, Mrs. “Pizza In Motion”, mother of two and the family’s fitness guru.  You can read more about me in my introduction post from last week.  It’s time for my first post about how to stay healthy while on the road. It’s been a whirlwind of summer travel for our family this summer and as much fun it has been to see new places it’s always nice to settle back home into a routine. Especially […]