Costco Drops Price On Private Jet Membership

I probably wouldn’t have bothered to update folks on this, but the first post has been extremely popular. Costco has been selling private jet memberships from Wheels Up.

As I noted in the last post, the 2 hours of free time on the King Air might have been a better deal for folks than the $3,500 cash card.

Now, it seems that Costco and Wheels Up have dropped the price of the membership $1,500.

Costco Private Jet Membership

The Final Two Pennies

I’m not sure what promotions Wheels Up might be offering this month.  But it’s apparently $1,500 cheaper than it was a week or two ago.  The 54-roll pack of toilet paper is still the same price.  😉

The membership does allow you to fly empty legs for pretty cheap, but you’d need a ton of those to justify this ticket price.  The value to the membership is if you value the price and planes they offer for charter.

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