Luxury Hotel Is Asking Russian Models To Take Down Their Sexy Instagram Pics

I totally get why the hotel doesn’t want these pics associated with their high-end hotels, but this story is just funny.

“Hi, this is the Waldorf Astoria calling.  Any chance you could take down those salacious photos that are geotagged to our hotel?”

“Nyet” (pardon any spelling errors on my part).

One Mile at a Time posted this just a little while ago.  The UAE is a funny place when it comes to showing skin.  I agree these aren’t the types of photos I want to show to my kids.  But, I’m not sure what recourse the hotel has other than asking to remove their info from the pics.

Russian Models Instagram

Definitely one of the less racy photos

Where I’m really glad I didn’t have water in my mouth is when I clicked on the same story at View From The Wing.

I couldn’t figure out why there was a “play” button when these were supposed to just be pictures.

I think it’s safe to say this might be NSFW.  But, I clicked anyway.



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