United Airlines Temporarily Grounds All Flights

UPDATE:  As of approximately 9:25pm EST United is reporting the ground stop has been lifted.

United requested that the FAA issue a ground stop just over an hour ago, grounding all their domestic flights.  A short time ago, that ground stop was extended until 9pm EST.

Oh, and at least one news organization wasn’t told United changed their logo like 5 years ago.

United Airlines Temporarily Grounds All Flights
It’s a computer issue, one you hope would be resolved quickly.  The last flights of the night are getting ready to depart for East Coast departures, though there are still a decent chunk of flights further west.

It’s not the first time United has had one of these issue, and probably won’t be the last.  If the ground stop goes much longer I would expect issues in the morning when the business travel week starts.

If you’re traveling on United tomorrow morning, you’ll want to be diligent about checking your flight status.

I’ll update if the ground stop goes past 9pm EST.

Really glad I’m not flying United tomorrow morning.


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