I Can’t Help But Laugh At This Airplane Video

Maybe it’s mean that I’m laughing at this guy, but I just can’t help myself.  I’m sure I’ve done something equally blockheaded.  But, this is just so darn funny.  My friend Russell shared this Tweet on his timeline yesterday: The Final Two Pennies Hope you got a good laugh out of this and don’t think I’m horrible for finding it so funny! The post I Can’t Help But Laugh At This Airplane Video was published first on Pizza in Motion

I Need Your Help Picking Out A Suitcase For My Daughter!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for $99 SIM cards for free data when traveling internationally. One of the unexpected treasures I’ve found from having children (something I was utterly terrified of) is seeing the world through their eyes as we travel.  My daughter has gotten to that age where she’s grown out of the various “little girl suitcases” she’s had. We were lucky enough to get matching suitcases as a gift from Starwood Preferred Guest as part of my ambassador status.  And, while she still loves it, she really […]

Help A Child And Get A Discount On A New Suitcase!

If you follow my little corner of the Internet, you know I’m a big Briggs & Riley fan.  I’ve been rolling around a Briggs & Riley for years now and it’s as durable as can be.   I got the opportunity to test their new Accelerate Backpack last year, as well as the new BRX international wide-body upright rolling carry-on.  And, I ended up buying the new toiletry kit I tested.  Love it! They’ve got a new initiative starting this Friday, February 13th (Friday the 13th, Yikes!!).  For two weeks, they’re […]

Where Does All The Lost Luggage On Airplanes Go?

Have you ever left something on an airplane?  The list of items I’ve left behind is endless.  And, very infrequently have I ever recovered any of those things.  There was one example of why I continue to support American Airlines because an Admirals Club agent left the club and found the empty plane I had left my headphones on a couple hours previously.  She held on to them for a couple weeks until I returned to that airport and retrieved them.  But, that’s absolutely the exception.  Where does all the […]

A First Look At The New Briggs & Riley BRX Rolling Carry-On

You may see a bit of a new look on Pizza In Motion.  Thanks to Denny from the Boarding Area team for the new digs.Please let me know what you think of it.  There are a few tweaks to make, but I like where the look and feel is going.  Do you? Briggs & Riley approached me recently about new suitcases they were launching and gave me a chance to have a first look before they were released for sale. I posted a review on the new Express Toiletry Kit […]

An Early Review Of The New TORQ Suitcase From Briggs & Riley Courtesy Of My Giveaway Winner

I’ve been a Briggs & Riley guy for a number of years.  They make great suitcases and offer what I consider to be the best guarantee on the market.  They cover essentially anything that happens to your suitcase.  As long as you can bring it back in pieces, they’ll fix it or replace it for free.  My Briggs & Riley bags have held up to the test of time and hundreds of thousands of miles worth of travel.  However, some people criticize the bags I travel with because they’re not […]

The Winners Of the Briggs & Riley TORQ Suitcase And The $50 Amazon Gift Card Are….

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Briggs & Riley TORQ suitcase giveaway. First, the winner of the brand new Briggs & Riley TORQ suitcase giveaway was Ryan’s well-traveled (and well-stickered) suitcase:   That thing definitely needs a cleaning, but it will be playing second fiddle to Ryan’s brand new TORQ suitcase from Briggs & Riley.     I love the look of these new suitcases and I can’t wait to get one and start testing it myself.  Ryan, enjoy the suitcase! Second, the winner of the $50 Amazon gift […]