Help A Child And Get A Discount On A New Suitcase!

If you follow my little corner of the Internet, you know I’m a big Briggs & Riley fan.  I’ve been rolling around a Briggs & Riley for years now and it’s as durable as can be.

Ronald McDonald House


I got the opportunity to test their new Accelerate Backpack last year, as well as the new BRX international wide-body upright rolling carry-on.  And, I ended up buying the new toiletry kit I tested.  Love it!

They’ve got a new initiative starting this Friday, February 13th (Friday the 13th, Yikes!!).  For two weeks, they’re accepting donations of rolling suitcases in exchange for discounts on new Briggs & Riley suitcases.  The old suitcases need to be in good working condition.  Briggs & Riley will clean them up and donate them to charity.

These bags are being repurposed for foster children, residents of battered women’s shelters and others in need.

They’re giving a $100 discount if you turn in a used Briggs & Riley rolling suitcase, $50 if it’s another brand.  There’s no better warranty out there than B&R, IMO.  Lifetime repair/replacement, no matter who breaks it.  That makes their suitcase more expensive than a Samsonite, but mine has almost 1 million miles on it and it’s still rolling just fine.

It’s a solid opportunity to get a discount on a Briggs & Riley bag, something that doesn’t come along often.  But, it’s also a really good opportunity to do a bit of good with a bag that might otherwise be gathering dust because it’s not quite the right bag for you.

Briggs & Riley has a list of charities nationwide, including Ronald McDonald House that are helping get these suitcases to the right people:

“Luggage is very much needed by many organizations such as foster homes, battered women’s shelters, and organizations like local Ronald McDonald House chapters.  We are very pleased to introduce “A Case for Giving,” Briggs & Riley’s 1st annual luggage trade-in program, a nationwide event designed to help those who need luggage and reward our customers for doing their part.  The idea was sparked by conversations with foster care leaders who made me realize what a wonderful added purpose our products can have, whether it’s helping a child leaving foster care with a bag or a family travelling to care for the health of a loved one,” said Richard Krulik, CEO of Briggs & Riley.

I love the idea of an old suitcase of mine going to help a foster child, or a mom trying to get to a better place.  And, I truly appreciate a company whose CEO wants to do good in the community.  You can find a full list of stores and charities participating here.

Do you have a suitcase to trade in?  I hope you do.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning this promotion; it is wonderful. I have a niece and nephew who were adopted from foster care; their belongings had been carried around in plastic grocery bags. Foster children’s lives are often sad and complicated; their own suitcase can help given them a bit more dignity, and make their frequent moves easier.

    1. RMF, thanks for sharing your story. It’s stories like this one that make me excited to participate in this effort. I’ve got another cool story I’ll be posting tomorrow along with some other things to build excitement.

  2. As a former social worker, I can tell you the standard is absolutely packing in black plastic garbage sacks. Groups tried to be sure they at least had a cheap duffel bag to pack their stuff in, but so often it didn’t end up working that way and not only would their living situation by far too temporary and transient, but their belongings would be tossed in trash bags as they moved from place to place. That can only send bad messages, so I love this campaign. Every little bit helps.

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