$100 Discount On A New Briggs & Riley Bag AND You Help Out a Good Cause!

I’m a BIG Briggs & Riley guy.  I believe you get out of luggage what you put into it.  Buy a cheap bag, get cheap results.  My primary suitcase is a B&R with over 1 million miles on it and still rolling (note: the kids are mine, they didn’t come with the suitcase).

Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley is again offering a $50 or $100 discount on a new rolling suitcase if you donate your gently used rolling suitcase.  The $100 discount applies for anyone trading in an old B&R bag, while any other bag will net you a $50 discount.  Simple as that.  So, why do they want your old bag?  It’s for their charity drive, “A Case For Giving”.

I’m also a guy who believes in helping others, so we try to do our part for various charities.  That’s why I was excited to see Briggs & Riley bring back “A Case for Giving”.  The last time they ran this charity drive, I learned from a friend (Mommy Points) that many people who come through family shelters leave with their possessions in a trash bag.  She has first-hand experience from this with her professional background.  I don’t, but I can imagine how I would feel if all my personal belongings fit in a trash bag.  Here’s their CEO talking about the bags they collected last year:

“We are very pleased to re-introduce ‘A Case for Giving’ for its second year and we expect to be even more successful and to exceed the 2,000 bags collected for the needy last year during our first luggage trade-in program,” said Briggs & Riley CEO, Richard Krulik. “The idea was sparked by conversations with foster care leaders who made me realize what a wonderful added purpose our products can have,” Krulik continued.  “We’ve put our support behind making sure that those in need can transport their belongings securely, whether it be a child leaving foster care, a woman getting out of a shelter or a family who must travel for medical treatment,” Krulik stated.

While we didn’t buy a new bag during last year’s drive, we did find a few bags in the basement that deserved a new home.  So, we made a donation in the hopes that it would help a family or two that could use the small gesture.  I’ll be going through the basement again this time, and might even be in the market for a new Briggs bag as well.

Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley doesn’t really do a lot of discounting.  They provide a great warranty and build a great suitcase.  So, if you’re on the fence about a new bag, this discount might be just what you need to come over to the Briggs way of life.  They’re only running it until February 29, 2016.  All the details are on their website.

I’m hoping they shatter the 2,000 bag number this year.  Something as simple as a suitcase you don’t use anymore really can help a family in need.

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