I Need Your Help Picking Out A Suitcase For My Daughter!

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One of the unexpected treasures I’ve found from having children (something I was utterly terrified of) is seeing the world through their eyes as we travel.  My daughter has gotten to that age where she’s grown out of the various “little girl suitcases” she’s had.


Cat and Charlie Playing On Her Suitcase

We were lucky enough to get matching suitcases as a gift from Starwood Preferred Guest as part of my ambassador status.  And, while she still loves it, she really can’t get all her clothes in it when we travel.  So, we need something to augment/replace it.

And, I’m not really sure where to start.

I’ve done a bunch of Googling, and we’ve looked at suitcases on display in random airports that we’ve traveled to, but still haven’t settled on something.

I like what my fellow family blogger Mommy Points has for Little C.



Unfortunately, my daughter’s not a huge penguin fan and she’s more partial to purple.  As she gets ready to transition from an 8-year old to 9, she also doesn’t like princesses when her friends are around (but still secretly likes them when she’s with family).

Anyone out there have ideas?

I’m sure I can find a small token of appreciation if one of my readers can come up with the perfect suggestion.

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  1. Ed, have sent you my pick separately – didn’t know how to attach it here.
    Who would have known there are at least 10,000 purple suitcases out there!! My (1st) iPad ground to a halt just looking at them all… Then I found the purr-feet one for Cat 😉

  2. I bought this one for my 9 year old granddaughter last year.


    It’s cute, but not “babyish”. It’s a nice carry-on size and I like being able to wipe the outside to clean it. It seems very sturdy. She loves the design. I think I paid around $65 for it. It also gets used quite a bit around here when she goes to her friends’ for sleepovers. As an aside, She also hides her love of princesses from her friends now, lol.

  3. hi
    I think heys makes wonderful whimsical reliable suitcases for little and older girls! They. Have varied sizes. Hi end would be Brito. Designs of heys. Disney adult and kids are lovely I have a tinker bell 🙂 in black and pink or swirley colors check it out !

  4. Check out the Lojel Wave. Meets all check in requirements, as light as Rimowa and comes in both bright pink and purple. I got them for the kids last year and we like them so much I got them for my husband and myself as well.

    1. Jen, I didn’t even think LL Bean. We have a ton of their stuff from previous Freeport trips. Thanks!

  5. Simple. Take her to TJMaxx and let her choose her own suitcase. They usually have a huge selection of affordable suitcases – some with colorful designs – some simply plain – even colorful hard bodies. As she is the one carrying ( or pulling ) it, I belie it should be her choice. Besides, she will want another in s few years anyway. 😉

  6. Like Susan said above. At almost 9 years old, you’re definitely better off getting your daughter’s input and doing this as a joint enterprise. If you go buy it at a store, try to make it a father-daughter outing specifically to go get the suitcase. She’ll remember that as a nice memory. And if you want to buy it online, set aside some time just you and her to find it together online. I wouldn’t spend too much money on it, because by the time she becomes a tween, she’ll likely have grown out of the purple phase, so that’s just 2-3 years from now.

    1. Laura, definitely going to be a father-daughter experience. Just needed inspiration from my peeps!

  7. Tumi Alpha 2 International Expandable Carry-on.

    Not an April Fool’s Joke. She’s your wife’s daughter. She’ll need a ridiculously overlarge suitcase any day now 🙂

  8. Look at targets website. Some very cute floral carryons with a small tote bag that would hold necessities for the plane. They are less than fifty bucks with free shipping. Reviews look good and should be teenage enough that she will like it then too.

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