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Iceland Family Vacation Day 1: The Waiting Game

After a couple years of reduced travel (and a brief period of time where we traveled in an RV) we asked our kids what destinations were highest on their lists.  Our teenage daughter’s answer has been the same for a while.  Iceland was a place she dreamed about, and we set out to make it happen this summer.  We had 9 days to enjoy the country and we used up pretty much every minute doing so.  You can see previous stories I’ve written about our Iceland adventures: Planning Our Trip […]

Planning Our Trip To Iceland

Iceland has been on our radar for a while.  Coming out of the pandemic, which significantly curtailed our international travel, we asked both of our children to pick out a destination that was high on their list.  Our teenage daughter quickly picked Iceland.  I knew I had my work cut out for me in terms of paying for the trip. I plan to write quite a bit about Iceland.  Here’s what I hope to write about in the future: Hotel reviews of the Konsulat and Canopy (Hilton properties) in Rekyjavik, […]

In My Travel Brain This Week: February 26th, 2022

Time keeps slipping bybnnb and another week goes by without me writing.  In an attempt to get back on a regular cadence I’m going to try to write a bit of a recap each week.  This won’t just be a list of links I read that I enjoyed.  I’ll catch up with you guys on what the past week looked like on the road (or off) and talk about what’s on my mind from a travel perspective.  Let me know what you think about the format, good or bad, and […]

The Canada-US Border Is Open. Here’s What Crossing By Land Is Like Right Now

If you’re thinking about crossing the Canadian border, I’ve got plenty of details on what to expect.  Our family recently crossed the border into Canada and then back into the US.  If you prefer to listen to the story than read it, you can check the whole thing out on my podcast. If you just want the quick and dirty, here are some key links: The ArriveCAN app (you need to complete an online application to enter Canada) Nova Scotia pre-arrival application Link to order Abbot BinaxNOW tests (rapid test […]

Summer Vacation Day 7: Hiking, Time With Friends And A Broken RV (Of Course)

Thanks for stopping by to see how our family camping trip is going.  I haven’t sold the RV yet or left the keys in the pickup truck to see if someone would take it off my hands, so I guess we’ll call that a win.  The kids are having an incredible time, which, at the end of the day, is 99% of what matters.  If you want to read about the first six days of our trip, I’ve included those links below: 9 Hours of Driving Gilmore The Merrier One […]

Summer Vacation Day 6: Cog Railway To The Peak Of Mount Washington

If you’re just joining us, I’ve been publishing quick daily updates from our camping trip.  It appears I’m still alive on day 7, so we’ve got a day 6 update.  If you want to read about previous updates, I’ve included the links below: 9 Hours of Driving Gilmore The Merrier One of The Greatest Roller Coasters I’ve Ever Ridden Moving Our “House On Wheels” To New Hampshire Mount Washington Auto Road There are two primary ways to get up to the summit of Mount Washington.  Okay, I guess three if […]

Summer Vacation Day 5: Mount Washington Auto Road

With the house on wheels settled in New Hampshire it was time to do a bit of sightseeing. If you want to catch up on previous days of our vacation, you can find them below: 9 Hours of Driving Gilmore The Merrier One of The Greatest Roller Coasters I’ve Ever Ridden Moving Our “House On Wheels” To New Hampshire If you haven’t climbed Mount Washington in a car, I recommend doing it at least once (unless you have a fear of heights).  Mount Washington is one of the highest peaks […]

Summer Vacation Day 3: One Of The Greatest Roller Coasters I’ve Ever Experienced

I’m trying to get back into the habit of writing every day, so you should see frequent updates on our summer vacation in the RV.  If that’s not your jam, I get it.  I’ll be posting about the rest of the travel world from time to time as well.  If you do want to follow along: Day 1 Day 2 Lake Compounce may be one of the best amusement parks you’ve never heard of.  I sure hadn’t heard of it, and we only ended up here by accident.  Nestled in […]

Our Family Is Starting To Get Our Travel Groove Back

It was a cacophony of voices.  We sat down for dinner this evening and we were talking about a return to our friends’ ranch in Colorado.  It was a fun, light-hearted discussion.  We haven’t been talking too much about travel because we’ve chosen to stay home, other than our RV adventures.  Then, I asked the question that lit the fire.  I looked at my kids and asked them, “Travel restrictions are lifted immediately, what’s the first place you’d want to go?” Not a single person hesitated.  Even my wife jumped […]

No Numbers: My 2020 Year In Review

This is about the time each year where I’d summarize how many miles I flew and how many nights I had at various hotel chains.  Obviously, those numbers were way down this year.  As I looked at friends summarize what their year in travel looked, I was a little surprised that I really had no motivation to look at the numbers.  Initially, I thought that meant I wouldn’t bother with a year in review.  But 2020 taught me that we can’t take things for granted.  So, without numbers, I thought […]