Airline Plans To Alert Travelers Where Babies Are Sitting On Their Next Flight

As a mom of 2 who traveled with lap babies frequently, I often tried my hardest to plan ahead of every possible scenario that could go wrong with my child on a flight and have a back up plan. But kids will be kids and have little minds of their own.  I was often left wondering how many people on the plane were rolling their eyes and passing judgment, wishing they could escape the situation altogether.

Baby Mapping Might Be The New Answer…

Japan Airlines recently announced a new seat selection tool service to aid passengers in identifying where babies under the age of 2 will be sitting.  This new “baby mapping” is a service that displays a baby icon on their booking screens.    Please note that this icon only displays from their booking sight and does not transfer if there is a change in aircraft.

As you can imagine, some people reacted pretty quickly:

Because it’s Qatar Airways’ fault that he had 3 babies near him on a recent flight…..

The Final Two Pennies

Now my kids are much older and I consider them experienced flyers. We’ve trained them to behave better than most adults.  This new tool may be beneficial to parents too, allowing them to select a seat near a parent with a child of their own who is likely to be more understanding.  And, they’ll know the people sitting around them probably had a choice to sit near them and may not be as judgmental when your little one is upset.

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  1. As you say, some will choose to sit close, some will shift. Perhaps it will stop people being quite as mad at little kids being kids. And should stop parents of little ones being the brunt of unreasonable attitude! Good information – thanks Michelle!

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