Hotel Workers Can Hear You Having Sex And Other Things You Really Didn’t Want To Hear

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There’s no question I’m a bit of a sanitation freak when it comes to certain things, my hotel rooms definitely included.  I’m not the type that freaks out if there’s a hair in my food, but I like a clean hotel room.  I can remember a series of undercover videos a local news station filmed a number of years ago where they caught housekeeping staff at major hotel chains washing those glasses you find in your room using window cleaner, dirty rags used to clean toilets and other things that made my skin crawl.  As a result (oddly), I don’t tend to use those glasses in my hotel room.

It seems there’s a new app (called Whisper) out where you can go to disclose your secrets anonymously.  And, it seems hotel employees are disclosing some pretty bad stuff, like:

A ruthless desk clerk wrote: ‘If your [sic] nice I might give you an upgrade or do up and beyond my normal duties but if your [sic] rude it is what it is or I’ll rip you off.’

One revealed: “If you’re cool at check in, I’ll hook you up (room upgrade, drinks, free breakfast).

“But if you’re mean, you’re getting a room by the elevator with no view.”

Another admitted: “When guests annoy me I deactivate their key cards for the inconvenience.”

And, yes, this:

Hotel Workers Can Hear You Having Sex

And yet, I still feel worse about this one:

Hotel Workers Can Hear You Having Sex

I signed up for the app.  There are a number of different categories, in no way limited to hotel employees:

Hotel Workers Can Hear You Having Sex

In the end, I’m not sure that I buy all these things are true.  Anonymity doesn’t always breed accuracy, especially on the internet.

But, it wouldn’t shock me if there’s a housekeeper or 3 that doesn’t swap out all the towels in the bathroom if they still look clean hanging on the rack….

As a side note, a discount carrier has banned a customer for being drunk and disorderly.  What was a bit remarkable to me is the claim that a not-so-big airline has had to ban 50 people for being disorderly.  That seems like a lot.

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