The Other Side Of “Travel Compatible”

By now you’ve probably read my husband’s comments about how he was forced to suffer through my travel habits until he could train me properly in the art of packing.  There’s nothing like having it right there in the Wall Street Journal to point out your packing woes.

Travel compatible


Don’t believe a single word my husband tells you about his experiences traveling with me. Haha…ok maybe it’s all-true. I am nice and polite. I like to stroll versus sprint. Most importantly, I like to have certain comfort items, including a hair dryer guaranteed to penetrate my thick wavy hair that is sorely missed when we check into a hotel.

Come on girls, you know exactly what I am talking about. However, marriage is all about compromise and just like Ed isn’t about to advise me on how to exercise and eat healthy I try not to question his ability to get us through the airport efficiently and safely.

In the past it was lugging multiple suitcases, multiple shoes, an outfit or 2 for each day (day and evening wear right?), and yes a full size hair dryer (and possibly even a set of hair rollers from time to time). Oh, and my pillow. Who wouldn’t want that nice comfy pillow from home? Yes, I was my husband’s worst packing nightmare, kind of like that annoying girl from Up in the Air.

Today, I am now the master of packing for 3 (to include the kids) and not a single checked bag, except in extreme fashion situations. I typically start planning for a trip by thinking about where we will be each day and lay out each outfit (mostly dresses since you don’t need a matching top to go with it) with a pair shoes that should accommodate any situation (they have to be stylish and comfortable).   If we’re traveling somewhere warm, I’m often partially drying my hair and letting the weather do the rest.  My makeup has been reduced to powders and sticks leaving room for all the other lotion and potions I can’t leave behind.

Yes, all those things I’m accused of in the Wall Street Journal are true.  I was that nightmare packer all you frequent travelers joke about.  I’d like to think that I’ve contributed some good things to my husband’s habits as well.  In the end, though, I’m a better travel partner now and happy (kind of) for it.

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  1. We went to Asia for 2 weeks last year and both my wife and I traveled on carry-on only. I was so proud of her! Nothing aggravates me more than packing for a trip and bringing a piece of clothing or two back that I didn’t wear. Usually my workout clothes.

  2. Can I ask what shoes you wear when traveling? This is always my biggest issue. I want something that is comfortable for a large amount of walking but can transition to a nice dinner if necessary. It always gets me and I always end up packing some pair of flats that are terrible on my feet so I don’t really want to wear them but if I go out I have to.

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