How To Get From New York City To Newark Airport Via Train

When I travel abroad, I frequently use trains to get around and between cities.  Overseas, it’s a predictable transportation method I rely on.  Growing up in New York, I used the train to get into and out of New York City frequently.  I’ve lost track of the number of subway rides I’ve taken in Manhattan and the other boroughs over the years.  I realized I had never written a post on how to between Newark Airport and New York City.  Side note: if you need to get from Washington Reagan National Airport and Dulles Airport via train, I did write about that a few years ago.  Here’s how I get from Manhattan to Newark Airport:

Get To Penn Station

Penn Station is where you’ll catch a NJ Transit train to the Newark Airport stop.  Penn Station is located between Seventh and Eight Avenue and between 31st and 33rd Street.  There are a bunch of entrances to the stations on all corners and under the Madison Square Garden marquis.  If you’re taking the subway, the blue and red lines have stops at Penn Station.  And, the yellow line has a stop at 34th and Herald Square, which is a very short walk.

Madison Square Garden

Penn Station Entrance Under MSG Marquee

If you’re arriving on foot or via car, there’s an entrance on the Northwest corner of Seventh Avenue and 31st street that’s specifically marked “NJ Transit”.  This is the quickest way to the ticket counters for NJ Transit.

Purchase A Ticket

Once you’re in the NJ Transit area of Penn Station, you can stand in line to purchase a ticket from one of the agents.  However, using the automated kiosks is pretty simple.  You’ll find some kiosks in the main ticket area as well as some further into Penn Station.  If you were coming from Amtrak, you’d hang a right as you passed the rotunda and there’s another bank of ticket machines there.

Plenty Of Signage

While you’re purchasing a ticket from New York Penn Station to Newark Airport, you’re actually purchasing two tickets and taking two trains.  You’ll take a NJ Transit train from Penn Station to the Newark Airport AirTrain stop.  The AirTrain portion is $5.50 and is part of the combined ticket you’ll purchase.

$13 To Get To Newark Airport

Finding And Boarding A Train

Just The Ticket! You’ll Need It Twice

Your ticket will have the route (NYP to EWR) but won’t indicate a time or track number.  There are multiple trains that stop at the Newark Airport station.  How do you pick the right one?  Use the television monitors as your guide.  You’ll see plenty of different destinations.  The ones you’re looking for will have a small plane icon beside them.

There’s a central waiting area where you’ll typically see a throng of people hanging out.  Wait for a track to be posted and head to your train.

While on the NJ Transit train, you’ll need to show your ticket to the conductor.  The total transit time from Penn Station to the Newark Airport stop is about 20 minutes.  It’s important to note there are two Newark stations.  The first is Newark Penn Station.  This is not where you get off for Newark Airport.

Wait one more station until the overhead monitors on the train say Newark Liberty.


Switching Trains

Once you arrive at the Newark Airport station, you’ll need to collect your belongings and head to the AirTrain station.  This will involve an escalator, stairs or an elevator as well as a short walk.  You’ll see plenty of signage.


Follow the signs to the AirTrain ticket counter.  You’ll find a set of automated gates to the right.  This is the second place you’ll present your train ticket.  Once you’ve made your way through the gates follow the signs through a set of doors and to a set of escalators (and elevator) to your right.

On the platform, all trains head towards Newark Airport.  Depending on which terminal you need to depart from, your second train trip will be between 8 and 10 minutes.

The Final Two Pennies

Taking the train from Manhattan to Newark Airport is pretty straightforward.  It might be intimidating to think of taking two trains if you’ve never done it before.  But, once you find your way onto a NJ Transit train, the rest is easy to navigate.  With a combined travel time of about 30 minutes it really won’t take you too much longer than a taxi or Uber.  And, a taxi or Uber will set you back at least $50 if not closer to $100.  My train ticket set me back $13, which is a darn sight better than the price of a taxi.

There’s definitely a bit more coordination to take the train, since you have to get to Penn Station (either via subway or car).  But, it’s worth considering if you can navigate your way to Penn Station.

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  1. You should also note the PATH option. NJT is great from midtown, but going from the financial district to EWR is much easier than going to Penn.

  2. Great post. I recently used this train from EWR to Penn station. It is one of the better train routes in NYC I think as far as efficient and cost effective. If only LGA had such a thing to Penn station and/or to JFK.

    1. Dan, it’s one of the reasons I’ve started avoiding LGA. The construction has made arriving by car something of a bear. And, there aren’t any good alternative ways to LGA. Getting to JFK via train is possible, just a lot longer ride. I’m planning to write up the EWR-NYP route as well, and the PATH options.

  3. With regarding the train you posted in the picture above and the screen with the small airplanes, I assume i can take any route as they all stop at EWR?
    Also i thought the tran was free, or at least it was to go between terminals.

    Curios if I drove a car to the airport where would you suggest I park for the week or 3 days?
    I wanted to do this route but had little knowledge and primarily had no time to waste as I was running late.
    Lesson #1 with the idea of yours give yourself extra time.

    Over great post. Thanks

    1. Myi, you can take any train that has a little airplane icon beside it on the board. The others don’t stop at EWR. The AirTrain is only free in between terminals.
      If you do need to park at the airport I would park off-site and take a shuttle bus to save money.

    1. Debra, you can use the subway to get to the JFK version of the AirTrain. I haven’t done it in a while, but it’s a longer ride. You can take the E line from NYP. I don’t have pictures but I plan to outline it on a future trip.

  4. Great post but there’s one thing that may be help to a few readers. I’d love to know how to get from JFK to EWR on public transport or vice versa. Thanks

  5. Thank you so much. This helped a lot! Heading to Penn Sta to take the NJT to AirTran. I can’t afford $99 for a LYFT. That’s more than my $29 plane ticket!!!

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