Cheap Flights For Your Babymoon, Avios Discounts In Europe And A Really Bad Caricature Of Me

After a day of skiing with the family yesterday, we’re sitting inside watching the snow fall.  Here’s what I’m reading about today in the world of travel, miles and points:

Cheap Flight of the Day: Good fare sale to Brazil.

Also, Spirit has a humorous the day after Valentine’s sale:

Cheap Flights

If last night went as well for you as it did for us, you may have a babymoon in your future. If that’s the case, book now before the little one arrives. Chances are it’ll be the last romantic vacation of your life, or for at least 18 years. We’ll even throw in this deal to save you money before your child takes it all. Book today and save!

And, if you’re redeeming points, there’s a solid discount on Avios redemptions if you can use Madrid as a jumping off point for an international trip.

I’ve gotta think that Jeanne did this on purpose.  I can’t tell if she thinks I have buckteeth or not.  But, it does serve as a quick reminder that Le Chic Geek and I are conducting a happy hour this Wednesday.

Cheap Flights

A trans-Atlantic flight has to turn back because the pilot was targeted from the ground with a laser.

Using cash back to make holiday sales more rewarding.

A good sale on Club Carlson hotels.


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