There’s Still Time To Vote For Your Favorite Suitcase (And Win $50)

Voting is steaming right along for my Briggs & Riley Torq suitcase giveaway.  It’s an awesome suitcase and it looks like all 7 of our finalists are doing a good job stumping for votes.  There’s still a chance to win the Amazon $50 gift card by voting as well. Right now, Ryan’s suitcase is out in the lead but the next 3 finalists (Alice’s broken wheel, Mike’s wife and Graham’s leather suitcases) are still well within striking distance and everyone still has a shot to take home that great new […]

Don’t Forget To Enter My Briggs & Riley TORQ Suitcase Giveaway! A Couple Of Early Funny Suitcase Images

Have you entered my giveaway for a free Briggs & Riley TORQ suitcase?  All you need to do is send me a picture of your suitcase.  Extra points for funny pictures, but I will select a finalist or two randomly so it doesn’t have to be a beat up suitcase. If you send me a picture, you’re giving me the right to use it as part of the blog.  I won’t send it anywhere else, but I am going to publish a bunch of the pictures. Some of the pictures […]

Win A New Briggs & Riley TORQ Suitcase Or a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Bring Me Your Tired, Your Damaged Luggage!

Suitcases are such an integral part of business travel.  A bad suitcase is a thorn in your side, a great suitcase an invaluable asset.  Ryan Bingham schooled his protege in the movie Up In the Air on how to pack, and a lot of what he said rings true.  He was a TravelPro guy, which is a longstanding solid suitcase for travel.  Nothing overly flashy, just reliable.  Rimowa is at the high-end, with hardside polycarbonate spinner suitcases.  Samsonite is one of the mainstream brands that produce tons of low-quality suitcases. […]