Win A New Briggs & Riley TORQ Suitcase Or a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Bring Me Your Tired, Your Damaged Luggage!

Suitcases are such an integral part of business travel.  A bad suitcase is a thorn in your side, a great suitcase an invaluable asset.  Ryan Bingham schooled his protege in the movie Up In the Air on how to pack, and a lot of what he said rings true.  He was a TravelPro guy, which is a longstanding solid suitcase for travel.  Nothing overly flashy, just reliable.  Rimowa is at the high-end, with hardside polycarbonate spinner suitcases.  Samsonite is one of the mainstream brands that produce tons of low-quality suitcases.

I’ve been a Briggs & Riley guy for quite some time.  Briggs & Riley isn’t as big as Samsonite but they’re not a small player either.  My two favorite Briggs & Riley pieces are part of the Transcend collection, the 22″ carry-on and the rolling cabin bag.  I also really like that the handle sits on the outside of the suitcase, leaving a flat bottom for packing.  A few of my fellow travel enthusiasts decry this, saying it takes away some valuable space.  I actually find I can get just as much in my carry-on because I can fold everything neatly without having to navigate two bars running through the bottom of my bag.

And, my favorite Briggs & Riley benefit is their lifetime warranty, including airline damage.  If you can break the suitcase, they can repair or replace it.  If they can’t fix it, they’ll replace it.  I’ve had two instances where I needed to avail myself of the warranty.  I brought it into a store and my repairs were completed quickly.

Briggs & Riley has decided to jump into the hard shell case market with a pretty cool entry, the TORQ line.  Similar to Rimowa, these are hardside polycarbonate spinner suitcases in a few different colors and sizes. They’re also priced competitively to the Rimowa.  The International Carry-on is listed at $479 on their website and a couple other places I looked to compare prices.

Briggs & Riley TORQ Suitcase

One of the things I think is unique and useful about the TORQ is a front panel that allows you to store some items in the front of your bag for easy access.  I don’t think I’ll be putting my iPad in there anytime soon but I think it’s a great place for me to keep my liquids.

Briggs & Riley TORQ Suitcase

I’ve never wanted to venture into the polycarbonate spinner world because I’ve always enjoyed the comfort of knowing Briggs & Riley would stand behind my suitcase.  I also tow a backpack on my suitcase and I have yet to test a spinner that handles a backpack well while still rolling straight.  The TORQ says it does just that, so I’m willing to give it a try.

And, I’m giving you a chance to try it! I’m giving away one TORQ International Carry-On Spinner.

How do you win?  2 different ways:

1.  Send me a picture of the suitcase you want to replace.  I’m talking your actual suitcase.  No stock pictures, nothing from Google.  I want a picture of your suitcase.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be beat up, but it’ll give us a good chuckle if it is.  I’ll select a handful of pictures and put them up in a post for people to vote on the winner.  Send those pics to ed -at- milepoint dot come no later than Friday, May 17th.  Then, get all your friends to come vote for you!

2.  Once I have the voting post up, make sure to vote and leave a comment on my site.  I’ll randomly pick one voter and award them a $50 Amazon gift card.


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  1. this contest has perfect timing–just got back from a trip and am ready to retire the suitcase i sent a picture of!

  2. I sent you an email of my still usable old faithful friend, but it is getting old and frayed. Of course, they don’t make one like it anymore. (It fits in most overhead bins and packs enough for those long trips)

  3. I would love to get a replacement for my Walmart carry on that is on it’s last leg. Nothing like finding a broken zipper while packing up your hotel room!

  4. Hi,
    Originally my grandfather’s leather case and until recently, regularly used by me – now we are both retired !

    The stories that this case could tell ???

  5. Love the looks of it — a Briggs & Riley TORQ suitcase would certainly be a luxury item for me – hope you pick me ???

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