Bose Headphones, Earbuds and Speakers On Sale For Amazon Prime Day

Side note: you can find my master Amazon Prime day page that will contain a list of all the deals I find over the course of the two Amazon Prime days. I’m a big fan of Bose gear.  To be more specific, I’m a big fan of Bose as a company.  They stand behind their product, they have a phenomenal replacement plan.  I washed my wireless bluetooth headset a few years ago and they still replaced it for a minimal fee. There are a handful of Bose items I recommend that are on […]

Pizza Week In Review

This week saw me squeeze a whirlwind of meetings into stops in Houston and San Antonio, along with a weather delay that trapped me in DFW an extra night.  Along the way, my blog alter ego covered a wide range of topics.  In case you missed it, here were some of those posts: Miles & Points American Airlines and Citibank are targeting bonuses to cardholders again this quarter.  I was pretty impressed with my bonus offer, and I’m not the only one.  I think I like it better than last […]

The Difference Between A Great Product And A Great Company

As a frequent traveler who has a pretty set routine, there are a number of pieces of technology that I rely on heavily to try to stay organized and efficient.  There are reasons I choose certain products, and this short story about a company I prefer. High on my list are good quality headphones/earbuds/bluetooth headsets.  All have a permanent place in my backpack and serve a specific need.  They’re also all Bose branded products.  I carry the Quiet Comfort 20i noise-canceling headphones and absolutely love them.  You can see my […]

Reviewing The New Bose QC 20i Noise-Cancelling Headphones: My New Go-To Headphones

The title somewhat gives away my conclusion, but I’m okay with that.  If you only read the first paragraph and and carry away one thing, it’s that these headphones have quickly become my favorite pair of headphones, replacing two separate ones I carried on every trip.  They’re pricey (at $300) but they deliver enough value to justify that price.  Before I get too far ahead of myself, here’s a history of what I’ve owned, sort of a who’s who of the best Bose has had to offer over the years […]

A New (Somewhat Unannounced) Bose Product Has Me Really Intrigued: Noise-Canceling Earbuds

As a frequent traveler, I’ve been a big Bose fan over the years.  The first Bose product I bought, when they had almost no products, were the Bose over-the-ear noise canceling headphones.     Then, based on the recommendation of a friend, I switched to the QC3 for an on-the-ear fit.  Love them!   A little over a year ago, Bose rolled out a Bluetooth earpiece with noise cancellation which I love for phone calls, though the battery life can’t match my ability to talk.   I also use wired […]