A New (Somewhat Unannounced) Bose Product Has Me Really Intrigued: Noise-Canceling Earbuds

As a frequent traveler, I’ve been a big Bose fan over the years.  The first Bose product I bought, when they had almost no products, were the Bose over-the-ear noise canceling headphones.

Me Really



Then, based on the recommendation of a friend, I switched to the QC3 for an on-the-ear fit.  Love them!

Me Really


A little over a year ago, Bose rolled out a Bluetooth earpiece with noise cancellation which I love for phone calls, though the battery life can’t match my ability to talk.

Me Really


I also use wired Bose earbuds for listening to music while working out (and when the battery dies on my Bluetooth).  The sound quality is better than any other earbud I’ve ever used.

Me Really


Me Really


Me Really


The iPhone controls are especially helpful on the headphones for switching between calls, changing songs or volume.  But, now, there are rumors about a product launch tomorrow that sounds awesome.  Bose is launching a wired set of earbuds just like the ones pictured above (gratuitous picture of pretty girl or buff dude using earbuds including for your viewing pleasure), except they have noise cancelation technology included.

That sounds pretty awesome to me.  Don’t get me wrong.  The $300 price tag sounds a bit steep, but I’m super intrigued.  This could be the type of product to replace multiple things in my backpack.  Looking forward to testing this out real soon.

What about you?  Are you a Bose addict like me?

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  1. Yes. We enjoy our QC 15s with the minor caveat that they only work when the switch is “on.” I did break an earlier pair by rolling over during a TATL flight – darned flat-beds that let you sleep! – and we’ve been known to take lesser-quality folding on-the-ear ‘phones when we’re really tight for space.

    I use earbuds to listen to the radio in bed at night – really cheap ones – and I’ve always been worried about spending that amount of money for something that I might not really like. Discussion in the forums over the years seems to indicate there are two kinds of people in the world – headphones vs. earbuds. Otherwise, the advantages of earbuds seem obvious.

    I’ll be interested to know what you think of them.

    1. Fredd, I used to love my QC15s (or earlier variations of the over-the-ear model). 2 reasons I switched:

      1. You mentioned breaking your QC15 while sleeping in a flat bed seat on a TATL flight. I used to hurt my head trying to lay on my side with my QC15s and that’s ultimately how I snapped a very early pair I had.

      2. I found that the QC3s caused less headaches because they trapped less air around my ears when changing elevations.

      Just my two cents. Much happier in QC3s!

  2. In the 70’s, our family would head out on a roadtrip in the station wagon with the rear window open and all the kids bouncing around. Can you imagine no seat belt use or car seats? Just us kids in the back waving at every car that went by and asking trucks to honk with hand gestures!

    1. Michelle, I’m still convinced most people don’t know what a station wagon is nowadays!

    1. Charlie, I saw them earlier. Still not sure they’re worth $300 but I’m likely to try.

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