15% iTunes Discount Through August 31, 2014

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I was actually pretty surprised to see this sign when I walked into Costco yesterday.     Costco had a huge display of iTunes gift cards.  The “list” price was $94.49, a 5% discount.  But, through the end of the month, they’re featuring a $10 manufacturer rebate, bringing the price down to $84.49, or a 15% discount.  That’s the biggest discount I’ve ever seen on iTunes cards. The “limit” is 3 $100 packs per transaction, but they’ll let you do multiple transactions at the register. For a long time, Costco […]

$25 iTunes Gift Card When You Buy An Apple TV

Apple is currently offering a $25 iTunes gift card when you buy an Apple TV. That goes well with Apple’s recent bump up to 2 miles/points per dollar on a variety of shopping portals. I’ve had an Apple TV for quite some time now. They’re a little bigger than a deck of playing cards and they allow you to watch all your iTunes TV shows along with a bunch of other “channels” like Netflix and the MLB sports package.  I use mine to watch all the Yankees games in Virginia, […]

Things I Find Interesting On Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for Milepoint Premium Membership! Southern Travel Girl has the scoop on a pretty cool giveaway from one of my favorite companies, Apple.  They’re doing a promotion starting the day after Christmas called the 12 days of Christmas, where you can download something free every day.  Pretty cool after Christmas fun. Wandering Aramean provides a compelling comparison of Systemwide Upgrades across the domestic US legacy carriers.  He arrives at the same conclusion that I did (though admittedly with less bias than me) that American is still likely […]

American Airlines Is Giving Bonus Shopping Miles For Christmas

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American Airlines is giving away bonus miles for specific spending thresholds on their shopping portal for the Christmas season.  Through December 2, you can earn bonus miles in 3 tiers:   This essentially breaks down to an extra 10 points/dollar as long as you hit one of the three spending thresholds.  All of these are certainly easy enough to hit if you consider your day-to-day purchases along with any holiday gifts.  And, this offer is a whole lot better than last year’s offer of 500 miles for every $250 spent. […]

New Starwood Property In Cupertino Tweaks The Brand Standard A Bit To Feature Apple Technology

Starwood continued its growth in the US this week with a new Aloft property in Cupertino, CA, literally right next door to Apple’s HQ. Aloft isn’t my favorite Starwood brand; I’m more of a full-service guy.  But, one of the cool things I saw in the press release was that the rooms are featuring Apple TVs.  For those not familiar, Apple TV is a small box that hooks into your TV and allows you to stream a bunch of things including your iTunes content, any movies or TV shows you […]

Apple’s Passbook Is A Must Have For Travelers Even If Not Everyone Sees It That Way

Maybe I’m naive, but I can’t see why some people don’t see the value in a free app that helps organize your life a bit.  The New York Times published an article not long ago taking a couple of pot shots at Passbook while still saying it might be, kinda sorta, if you’re really not expecting much could be a useful tool. Quoting from the article: Passbook, it turns out, is not so easy to use. In its original iOS 6 incarnation, the app displayed an opening screen that pointed […]

Checklist. Vote In Freddie Awards? Enter The Weekly iPad Mini Drawing?

Checklist Item #1:  Vote In Freddie Awards There are tons of travel awards out there.  Some are influenced by money, others decided on by experts.  But, there’s only one group of awards that are decided by the frequent traveler.  Millions of them, in fact.  Those are the Freddie Awards.  The Freddie Awards have been recognizing excellence, as recognized by the frequent travelers, for 25 years. We’re a week or so into voting for this year’s Freddie Awards.  If you haven’t taken the time to vote yet, now’s the perfect time. […]

Not All Black Friday Sales Are Sales

Everyone seems to get geared up for Black Friday every year.  Personally, I’m more a fan of Cyber Monday since I don’t like standing in line.  But, the opening time for Black Friday has continued to get pushed back over the years to the point that it’s no longer just Friday.  Walmart and Target opened up Thanksgiving night (at 8pm and 9pm respectively), and I’m sure they’re not the only ones. My wife pointed out some sale items for the kids in the Walmart flier (a store I’m really not […]