Earn LOTS Of Miles For Apple Purchases Today

Based on the e-mails and comments I receive here on the blog, I gather a majority of my readers are not hardcore road warriors like me.  Okay, maybe I’m not hardcore.  More of a lumpy, donut-obsessed road warrior.  If you don’t travel for a living, you may need to get creative to earn enough miles and points for your travel.  When a good opportunity comes along, you need to leverage it as much as possible.  I came across one such deal this morning.

One Mile at a Time pointed out this 4 miles per dollar offer on the AAdvantage shopping portal.

Bonus Miles For Apple Purchases Today

I didn’t see the one day restriction Ben notes.  It’s possible this is still valid past today, but the shops have been running a lot of targeted, short-term offers lately.

There’s also a shopping portal promo right now:

Bonus Miles For Apple Purchases Today

I saw this earlier but wasn’t particularly motivated just by the bonus miles.  However, the opportunity to stack 4X miles with a 1,000 mile bonus for a purchase over $350 makes for a pretty good deal.

The Final Two Pennies

The airline shopping portals aren’t as generous as they used to be, but smart mile hoarders will find opportunities like this.  Let’s just say you were going to buy an iPad for $400.  You could walk into an Apple store and earn 1 mile/point per dollar on that purchase.

Or, you could buy it through the AAdvantage portal with that same credit card.  Now, instead of earning 400 miles/points, you’d earn 3,000:

  • 400 miles/points from the credit card you use.
  • 1,600 AAdvantage miles (4X on Apple purchases).
  • 1,000 AAdvantage miles (bonus for spending $350 on the shopping portal).

Not too shabby.  Consider that you can get a one-way ticket for 10,000 miles in some situations, and this purchase could get you about 1/3 of the way there.  Moral of the story, keep an eye out for offers like this to to take advantage of for purchases you were already planning.  Earn points for free travel for things buying things you were already going to buy.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

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