Cheap Flights To New Zealand And Australia!

New Zealand and Australia make many people’s bucket lists.  I often wonder how many folks put places like this on their bucket list and never get the chance to go.  Right now there are a ton of really good fares to New Zealand and Australia.

The Flight Deal points out sub-$700 fares to New Zealand.  I haven’t made it there yet, but I have some friends there I really want to visit at some point.  I wouldn’t worry about this being a fare from LAX if you don’t live there.  With so many airports in Southern California, you should be able to use miles or find a cheap seat to Los Angeles if you want to take advantage of this fare.

Earlier today, I happened to see View From the Wing talking about roughly the same price for flights to Australia.  $620 round-trip to Australia is a great fare.  With elite status on an airline like United, you can even squeeze into an extra legroom seat.

Cheap Flights to New Zealand

The View From My Room At Park Hyatt Sydney

14 Hours In Coach?

Let’s be honest.  A 14-hour flight in coach isn’t really anybody’s idea of a good time.  It’s flights like these that make me collect miles and points like a crazy man.  I had a phenomenal trip to Australia last year, and I was lucky enough to fly it in a comfy bed.  Finding business and first class award seats to Australia and New Zealand can be challenging.  It’s even more challenging to find 4 of them for a family!

Cheap Flights to New Zealand

Coach won’t kill you, and these are some of the lowest prices I’ve seen to that area of the world.

Happy hunting!

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