Did United Airlines Invite You To Their Secret Restaurant At Newark Airport?

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United Airlines has opened a private restaurant at Newark Airport.  Apparently, the only way to get in is to be invited.  And, they named it “Classified”.

It’s not 100% clear how you qualify for a reservation at Classified.  I’m a top-tier 1K elite member with United but have no flights currently scheduled to/through Newark.  And yet, the website let me login and request a reservation.

United Airlines Secret Restaurant

United Airlines Secret Restaurant

The menu is….ambitious.  Take a peek:

United Airlines Secret Restaurant

United Airlines Secret Restaurant

United Airlines Secret Restaurant

United Airlines Secret RestaurantWith only 36 seats, the constraints of operating in an airport terminal and the secrecy of the restaurant, I think it will be very tough to deliver consistent quality.  Foie gras, Wagyu, Branzino, lobster.  These aren’t items that handle being frozen well.  And, if they’re not ordered frequently, they’ll spoil and kill food cost.  While we’re on the subject, a $12.50 breakfast sandwich???

The Final Two Pennies

I get that United is trying to make “Newark” sound like “New York”.  They’re trying to convince folks that it’s easier to depart/arrive in New Jersey versus JFK.  They regret giving up their slots at JFK, so the only move is to make Newark Airport cool.  I find very little redeeming qualities when I visit Newark Airport.  The C terminal is decent, most of the rest of the airport is splendidly awful.

I don’t think an upscale private restaurant is going to tip the scales in favor of United here.  I think renovating the A or B terminals would be a lot better investment.  Or, they could consider fixing the horrific bus system in between terminals.

A gourmet restaurant commanding premium prices?  I’m just confused.

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