Even More Bonus Miles On Apple Purchases Today!

This seems to be the week for lots of bonus miles on Apple purchases.  I wrote yesterday about a couple of opportunities that you could combine to earn thousands of AAdvantage miles on Apple products.  I also wrote about how you need to leverage opportunities like that when they came up.  Who knew it would be exactly one day before there was a better opportunity?

A friend of mine, fellow blogger Trevor from Tagging Miles, alerted me that United is running a special on their shopping portal today for 8 miles/dollar on Apple products:

Sure enough, when I logged into the United Airlines MileagePlus shopping portal, I see the 8 miles per dollar offer.

Bonus Miles On Apple Purchases

The Final Two Pennies

I checked the AAdvantage website again to see if the one-day offer was really one day.  Technically, yes.  They’ve reduced to 3 miles per dollar. That’s still better than normal, but the United Airlines MileagePlus portal offer for 8 miles per dollar is obviously superior.  If you’re not a road warrior, then you need to pay attention to offers like this when they come up.  If you’re buying a $400 iPad, earning more than 4,000 miles is the way to go.

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