20% Discount on iTunes Gift Cards

Costco is having an even bigger sale than the last one on iTunes gift cards for the next ten days.  A $100 pack of iTunes gift cards is $79.49 through December 1st:

Discount on iTunes

That amounts to a 20% discount, and you can still get another 2% off if you’re a Costco Executive Club member.  Apple rarely discounts their merchandise, especially gift cards.  But, Costco has had two great discounts since starting to carry Apple products again this summer.

If you’re on my Christmas list and have an iPhone, at least you know what you’re getting for a gift.  😉


  1. This is a decent deal, but discounted Apple iTunes gift cards ar e pretty common, and 15-20% is the norm. At least once a month you can find them at Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or Staples.

    1. Chuck, I’ve never seen a 20% discount on iTunes cards with the exception of a Groupon that I think was $15 for a $30 card. Not doubting you, but I’ve never seen my Staples discount iTunes cards. Nor Target.

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