Cheap Flights to Hawaii, A New Travel App That Makes You Money And Free Cash In Your Amazon Account?

Cheap Flights of the Day: NY to Southern California for $250.  And, a really good Hawaiian Airlines sale.

  In Case You Missed It: Changes To Disney Dining Plans.

Should Airbnb be illegal?

A really interesting new product to consider for travelers.  One Mile at a Time has an exclusive early look into Upside, a product similar to Rocketrip.  Essentially, they’re betting you’ll save money on travel for your company if you get some of the savings (in the form of gift cards).

It’s a play on human behavior.  Frequent business travelers have control over some expenses when they travel and Upside thinks they can influence those travelers to make better decisions and reward them for it.  I think it’s an interesting social experiment, though I’m traveling waaaaay too much to try to drill down on each reservation for alternatives.  And, I do value hotel loyalty, which doesn’t seem to play a big role here.

Have you checked to see if you got a credit from Amazon in the e-book anti-trust settlement?

Another good small way to keep your miles alive.

United Airlines is talking about finally getting the sort of financial rewards out of the merger that were promised a long time ago.  I’m more optimistic they can pull it off now than in previous announcements, but this still seems a sizable uphill climb to me.  There’s some self-inflicted pain that will make the going tougher.  Newark is not JFK, and United gave up slots at JFK in exchange for, well, nothing now that Newark is no longer slot-limited.  They leave behind some international partners with the JFK exit that reduces their ability to fill seats at Newark.  I have a phrase I share with employees frequently, “If it took us 6 months to break it, it’ll take 6 months to fix it.”  That means United should be fixed in……

Free wine tastings and a free case of checked wine when you fly Alaska Airlines.  I can say from experience that shipping wine is not cheap.  And, temperature really does limit you in the warmer months from shipping it ground to save money.  I really like this.

How long would it take for a 767 engine to inflate the Goodyear Blimp?

A 360 degree tour of the A380 cockpit.  AVGeek candy!

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