Athens & Paris For Dollars A Day. British Airways First and Business Class Lounges at Philadelphia Airport

The British Airways Galleries Club lounge is small but ample. You’ll find a first class and business class section to the lounge, and a quick peek here at both.

10 Days In Italy: Antico Pignolo

Here’s a recap of previous posts and a list of what’s upcoming for our recent trip to Italy. United Airlines To Rome St. Regis Rome Vatican Osteria 44 Photo Essay of Angels & Demons A Quiet Meal At Cul de Sac Trevi Fountain (Semi) Closed For Business A Fast Train To Venice Tips For Sightseeing In Rome St. Regis San Clemente Island, Part 1 St. Regis San Clemente Island, Part 2 Hotel Danieli Antico Pignolo A Quick Trip To Murano How To Ride The Vaporetto (Water Bus) In Venice Getting […]

Lots of Bonus Dining Miles For a Short Time With US Airways (Targeted)

I vacillate back and forth about my participation in the various dining programs.  There are a few instances where a restaurant I’ve already dined at is a part of the program, so those are easy decisions.  There’s also the “surprise dine”, where you go to a restaurant for dinner and get an e-mail a few days later telling you that you earned points.  Those are always fun!  And, there are promos like this one that make it incrementally more likely I’d visit a restaurant I don’t frequent often. This offer […]