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Free Starbucks Coffee For You As I Crawl Out Of The Social Media Dark Ages

I’m doing my best to be more active in social media but as many of you know, I’m still behind the curve.  I’m not as bad as Bill Belichick, the coach of the New England Patriots, who recently said: What’s online, you should go talk to the geniuses that are online.  I don’t know.  MyFace, YourFace, InstantFace.  Go talk to whoever you want that does that stuff. Anyway, I saw this program Starbucks came out with a while back and kept meaning to use it.  It’s called Tweet a Coffee. […]

Dissecting The AA/US Response TO DOJ On Trial Scheduling

It’s been an interesting few weeks to follow the DOJ intervention into the merger between American Airlines and US Airways. I’ll admit to being surprised when maybe I shouldn’t have with DOJ weighing in. But, I don’t think I’m in the wrong when I say that DOJ has been a bit sloppy here and there with their prose so far.  I don’t necessarily think their position that a merger is anti-competitive is “wrong”, but I do think they could have positioned their arguments better so far.  And, as a consumer, I […]

The First Words From American/US Airways On The DOJ Lawsuit

I meant to post this yesterday when I got the below e-mail from Doug and the folks at “New American Arriving”.  I received a mass e-mail from the good folks at US Airways/American Airlines detailing their thoughts on the DOJ lawsuit filed yesterday.  First, the text of the letter: As US Airways continues to pursue a potential merger, I want to keep you updated as developments occur.     The DOJ has unfortunately just announced that it intends to try and block our proposed merger with American Airlines. I am extremely […]

US Government Files Suit To Block American/US Airways Merger

I certainly can’t say I saw this one coming.  The US Department of Justice has filed suit to block a merger between American Airlines and US Airways.  Quoting attorney general Eric Holder: “By challenging this merger, the Department of Justice is saying that the American people deserve better,” said Attorney General Eric Holder in a statement. “This transaction would result in consumers paying the price—in higher airfares, higher fees and fewer choices.” That might be what the DOJ is saying, but they’re wrong. There’s almost no competition on direct routes between the […]

Milepoint Giveaways! A Seat on StarMegaDO 5 And A Free Rimowa Suitcase

I always think it’s pretty cool to win something unexpected.  But, I also enjoy watching somebody win something, probably almost as much as I like winning something myself.  That’s why I’m pretty happy about two contests we’re hosting on Milepoint right now: First, we’re giving away a free seat on StarMegaDO5.  If you haven’t been on a MegaDO yet, they’re the ultimate travel junkie field trip.  Visit Boeing in Seattle?  Check.  Fly to Europe and back for an overnight visit and hundreds of pounds of cheese?  Check!  First US charter […]

LATAM Airlines Group States The Obvious: They’re Joining oneworld

LAN and TAM are two of the dominant airlines for travel to and within South America.  After their decision to merge, it was strongly believed that the combined airline would join the oneworld alliance along with American Airlines, British Airways and others. It’s official now and View From the Wing has some thoughts about how that affects the travel landscape. I’ve mentioned in the past that American is very strong to South America from the US.  They recently announced their desire to expand Sao Paolo service from pretty much all […]

American Airlines Expanding? Is There Labor Peace Post-Merger? What About That Expanded American-JetBlue Relationship?

American Airlines continues to be in the news on a number of fronts. They announced a bunch of new codeshare agreements. They announced a profit for the month of January. Oh, yeah.  And, they announced they’re merging with US Airways. They’re also looking to drastically expand service to Sao Paolo, Brazil.  One of the knocks on American has been its lack of global network, specifically in Asia.  But, a hallmark has been their Latin America presence.  Should the DOT grant their application, this can only strengthen their position. On a […]

More Clarity On American Airlines/US Airways Merger

I listened in on the press conference that Tom Horton (American CEO) and Doug Parker (US Airways CEO) conducted this morning and picked up a few interesting nuggets.  In no specific order:   This was a theme that came up a number of times in the call.  Right aircraft, right place, right time.  Along with the combination of the fleets, American has a substantial number of new planes on delivery over the next few years.  They fielded a question during the call about whether they could take delivery of all […]