Have You Gotten Your 1,000 Free Miles From American Airlines Yet?

While I was buried in Freddie Awards planning last week, as well as pulling a plane to raise money for the fight against cancer, American Airlines came out with an easy, quick promo to earn 1,000 free AAdvantage miles.

Free Miles


I’m a big fan of promos like this, and I tend to quote The Frugal Travel Guy, who I’ve heard say a number of times, “If it’s good enough to do for you, it’s good enough to do for the whole family.

For family travelers, this is especially relevant, as finding miles to earn in accounts you control for your children can sometimes be hard to find if you’re not buying flights for them.  With an 18-month expiration on miles and lots of opportunities for me to redeem miles on behalf of my wife and children, I need opportunities like this every now and again.  And, my daughter is turning 9, so she’ll likely even have a little bit of fun playing this with me!

The 1,000 miles is broken up into 6 “classrooms” where you can earn 150 miles in each, plus a bonus of 100 miles if you complete all your assignments.

This is an easy 1,000 miles to get, so don’t miss out!

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