Milepoint Giveaways! A Seat on StarMegaDO 5 And A Free Rimowa Suitcase

I always think it’s pretty cool to win something unexpected.  But, I also enjoy watching somebody win something, probably almost as much as I like winning something myself.  That’s why I’m pretty happy about two contests we’re hosting on Milepoint right now:

First, we’re giving away a free seat on StarMegaDO5.  If you haven’t been on a MegaDO yet, they’re the ultimate travel junkie field trip.  Visit Boeing in Seattle?  Check.  Fly to Europe and back for an overnight visit and hundreds of pounds of cheese?  Check!  First US charter flight on a 787?  Check!

It’s easy to enter.  The prize is not only a seat on the charter but all of your hotel rooms and meals will be paid for as well.

But, how good would a free trip be without a spiffy new suitcase to take with you?  We’re giving away a brand new 21″ Rimowa Salsa Deluxe spinner suitcase, and you even get to pick where a $200 charitable donation is made in conjunction with your brand new suitcase.

And, oddly enough, there are still just a few seats left on StarMegaDO5. So, if you’re not lucky enough to win a seat you can still buy one here.

Not only do you get to tour Rimowa’s suitcase factory in Canada and spend time with Air Canada in Toronto, there’s the charter flight to a military base and airplane boneyard in Tucson and another charter flight on to San Francisco for a hangar BBQ event with United Airlines.  Along the way there are bonus miles from United and Air Canada, bonus points and special promos from Marriott and lots more giveaways.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every MegaDO I’ve been on (though that morning 787 flight from Houston to Chicago was rough) and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one if you come along.


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