National Car Rental

National Brings Back One, Two, Free (The Best Car Rental Promo)!

National Car Rental’s One, Two, Free promo has been the best car rental promotion each time they’ve run it. It’s incredibly lucrative for frequent renters and it’s really helping put National front and center to consumers.  And, this version appears to be worth participating in even if you don’t rent very often.  First, the meat of the promo: You earn a free rental day every time you complete 2 car rentals. The promotion earning period runs through January 31, 2016. Any free rental days earned need to be redeemed by […]

Half Off Sam’s Club Memberships And Half Off Your Next Radisson Stay. The Best of the Rest For Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

The Best of the Rest covers cheap flights to New Orleans and Paris, Frontier fare sale, cheap business class fares on AeroMexico and discounted Sam’s Club memberships. Read more….

What’s on My Christmas List? Give Someone Miles!

Milepoint has been selling Premium Membership for a couple months now.  I was pretty excited when we were able to put the package together.  I’ll admit to being biased as a co-founder of Milepoint.  But, it’s a pretty cool package, with United miles, Hilton Gold status, National Car Rental Executive status and a 10% discount on Hyatt gift cards and more, for $49. Well, the tech folks just put the finishing touches on an interface that allows you to purchase Premium Membership and give it as a gift.  And, 10% […]

Win Milepoint Premium Membership! Free United Miles, Hilton Gold Status and More…..

I was pretty excited when Milepoint announced it’s second round of Premium Membership a couple weeks ago.  It’s been just over a year since Milepoint launched our first premium membership drive and that one sold out before everyone who wanted a package could get one. This year, the team worked even harder to get more packages and sales have been moving along at a pretty brisk pace, already outpacing last year’s sales.  As a co-founder of Milepoint, I made arrangements early on to purchase a few packages for giveaways to […]

Perfect For Occasional Travelers! Milepoint Is Back With Another Awesome Premium Membership Offer

Milepoint is back with it’s second Premium Membership offering, and I think it’s a great fit for entry level travelers, those who travel a few times a year for business or pleasure. Everyone knows air travel isn’t as luxurious as it used to be.  Planes are full, seats are closer together.  It’s not any easier when you land, with hotels charging more for extra services and rental car prices going up as well.  When my co-founders Tommy and Randy showed me the list of partners for this year’s premium membership, […]

National One Two Free Promo: Registration Open Today

Registration is open for the 2013 National Car Rental One Two Free Promo. This remains one of the most popular car rental promotions annually.   It’s really straight forward and easy to earn free rentals. For every two car rentals between today and January 31, 2014, you’ll earn a free rental day.  And, there are other ways to maximize this promo. If you rent more expensive cars or have longer rentals, 600 points earned will give you a free rental day as well. You can pick up 25 bonus points […]

Earn A Free Rental Day From National Car Rental After Every Two Rentals

It looks like National Car Rental is bringing back it’s popular One, Two, Free promotion this summer.   It appears that people participating in last year’s version are getting invitations to pre-register for this year’s promo.  Last year’s version ran from August, 2012 to January, 2013.  I couldn’t find an active link for people to register at now, but I did find this page that indicates you can sign up for the Emerald Club newsletter for future updates.  In theory, they’ll start sending e-mails out shortly letting people know when […]