Pizza Week In Review For August 16, 2015

I was about to say that I didn’t actually get on an airplane this week and then I remembered my short trip to Kansas City.  Nevertheless, a pretty quiet week in travel for me.

Meanwhile, here’s what happened on the blog this week, in case you missed any of it:

You can still get a free travel assistant for 2 months even though I’ve given away the prizes for a free travel assistant for a year.

The most popular post this week was about the pop-up Emerald Club lounge at Dulles Airport.  I was surprised it was that popular.  Unfortunately, we learned via View From The Wing that they’ll only be in their current locations for about another month.  After that, the lounges will move to Washington National (DCA), Houston (IAH), St. Louis, Minneapolis and Philly.

Hot on the tails of that (and likely to pass it overnight) was my post earlier today on some of the risks associated with Airbnb.   Unsurprisingly, there are comments coming down on both sides of the issue.

A bit late to the game, the FAA has stepped in to protest the way the city of Dallas is handling the Love Field dispute between Southwest and Delta.  Well, to even call it a dispute is exaggerating.  Delta doesn’t have a lease, thus shouldn’t be allowed to continue operating out of DAL.  Maybe they have a beef with the city, but I don’t believe the FAA should be able to step in now and require Delta or Virgin America to reduce service to accommodate Delta when the powers that be could have resolved this when slots were up for grabs.

Another look inside my backpack with the best water bottle you can travel with.

The Picture of the Week!

Emirates is launching the longest flight in the world and Delta has discounted business class awards.

A free Lonely Planet book from Starbucks.

Who does that overhead belong to?  And, a cool collection of Braniff.

Upromise offering $20 for new sign-ups and referrals.

What’s on your agenda this week?  School is right around the corner for my kids, so we’re getting geared up for that.



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