The Best Car Rental Promotion Is Back!

When it comes to car rentals, you won’t find much in the way of lucrative promotions.  You also won’t find much in the way of simple.  Car rentals can be complicated.  Good bonus mile opportunities frequently mean higher rates per day.  Cheap cars don’t qualify for some promos.  And, don’t forget your Wizard, RR, CDP, PC codes!

One Two Free Is Back!

National Car Rental makes it pretty simple.  Are you ready?  Rent twice, get a free rental day.  Easy, right?  Last year, National rolled out a handful of ways you could earn extra points to get to free rental days faster:

Each qualifying car rental completed during the “One Two Free” promotion is worth 300 points. A free day is then awarded once a registered Emerald Club member earns 600 points. During the “One Two Free” promotion, bonus points can be earned through other activities, including:

·         Using National’s mobile app to book rentals while earning unlimited points (75 points per completed rental).

·         Completing three qualifying rentals (one-time bonus of 100 points upon completion of third rental).

·         Completing any five bonus opportunities available through “One Two Free” (one-time bonus of 75 points upon completion of fifth bonus opportunity).

·         Purchasing and adding Sirius XM Satellite Radio service to a qualifying rental (one-time bonus of 300 points).

·         Renting any size vehicle in Latin America and the Caribbean (one-time bonus of 300 points upon completion of a rental).

·         Renting any size vehicle in Europe (one-time bonus of 300 points upon completion of a rental).

·         Utilizing the Emerald Reserve service – which accommodates members who require a specific car class, such as a convertible, SUV, minivan, etc. – at participating Emerald Aisle locations in the U.S. and Canada (one-time bonus of 25 points upon completion of a rental).

They reached out to me earlier today to tell me that One Two Free has a couple of new ways to earn points:

New this year, Emerald Club members can earn even more bonus points by:

·         Completing rentals in three different countries to become a World Traveler (one-time bonus of 300 points).

·         Using the Emerald Checkout through the most current version of the National app for rentals at participating locations in the U.S. and Canada (50 bonus points for each use).

The promotion allows members to earn points through February 28, 2019.  You have until June 13th, 2019 to redeem those points for free rental days.  You do need to register and should do that now.  These things are easy to forget about and get stuck later not earning points you should have.

Emerald Club Lounge

The Final Two Pennies

I’m a Hertz guy, through and through.  I’ve actually never participated in National’s One Two Free promotion but I love it!  I really enjoy how simple the promotion is.  If you rent cars even occasionally, National will find a way to get a free day in your pocket to use as you see fit.  Take a moment and register today so you don’t forget.  Year in, year out it’s still the best car rental promo I see.

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