Now Boarding: Tiffany Funk, One Mile At A Time

This week’s guest on the NowBoarding Podcast is Tiffany Funk.

I started talking to Tiffany about recording an episode for both podcasts back when they were still just ideas.  She was onboard, even though I know she doesn’t love talking about herself.  Since then there have been a million scheduling quirks.  But, we finally made it happen!  Bonus, I have a Miles To Go segment coming up in a few weeks with her as well.  Tiffany writes for One Mile At A Time and she’s also a force when it comes to making things go over there.  She makes a heck of a Twitter follow as well.

Episode 8 features plenty of stuff I had no idea about, including the fact that she had elite status before she was in high school, flying back and forth to Hawaii on her own.  And, she wanted to be an air traffic controller!  You’ll love the reason why.

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