Win Milepoint Premium Membership! Free United Miles, Hilton Gold Status and More…..

I was pretty excited when Milepoint announced it’s second round of Premium Membership a couple weeks ago.  It’s been just over a year since Milepoint launched our first premium membership drive and that one sold out before everyone who wanted a package could get one.

This year, the team worked even harder to get more packages and sales have been moving along at a pretty brisk pace, already outpacing last year’s sales.  As a co-founder of Milepoint, I made arrangements early on to purchase a few packages for giveaways to readers of my blog.  At the time I started discussing the extra packages, sales were just under way so I figured I might be giving away something that you couldn’t buy anymore.  But, there are still packages left for sale.

I’m starting with an easy giveaway.  You can win a free Premium Membership just by leaving a comment on this post.  You have until 11:59pm EDT on Thursday.  I will draw one winner at random.  You can comment once per 24 hour period.  As usual, I’ll give a bit of leeway in enforcing this, but please don’t spam the comments section, as that will only get you disqualified and leave more cleanup for me!

What do you win?  Here’s a link with the full list of the benefits, with some highlights below:

United Airlines:  1,000 award miles.  If you have a MileagePlus account, these will definitely come in handy for your next award.

Hilton HHonors:  Complimentary Gold Elite Status.  This is a big one for someone who doesn’t travel much.  Gold members get free internet and bottled water, a 25% earning bonus on paid stays and the 5th night free on any award stays of 5 nights or more.  You also get bonus points every time you check-in and late check-out subject to availability.  This one benefit can likely pay for premium membership with one or two stays.

National Car Rental:  Upgrade to Executive Status.  That means you’ll always get at least a true one-car upgrade when you rent (you always pay for one car class less than the car you reserve).  And you earn faster free rental days as an Executive member.

Hyatt Hotels:  Probably my favorite benefit on the list.  A 10% discount on Hyatt gift card purchases (limit $5,000 per member).  That’s an immediate 10% discount on any rate, any F&B, any spa appointments at a Hyatt hotel in the US, Canada and Caribbean.  Again, another easy way to pay for the premium membership many times over.

And, there are a whole host of others, including a free day of parking every time you park a car at Parking Spot.

I imagine memberships will still be for sale for a bit more time but likely will sell out again this year.

So, if you don’t win and are still interested in the package, you can find out plenty more info here.  At $49, it only takes getting value out of one or two of the benefits to break even.

Good luck!



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  1. I would appreciate the opportunity to experience and make use of the premium membership for when I travel.

    Thank you for offering this giveaway to your readers.

  2. I’m planning a churn now, and having that HHonors Gold would obviate the need for one of the HHonors cards and make room for more airline miles!

      1. I know it. I’ve got something like 80k HHonors that I didn’t burn before the devaluation… even if the awards are overpriced, Gold would make redeeming them that much better!

  3. I’d love to win it – I’ve been trying to figure out whether I’ll have enough upcoming Hyatt stays to make out on the gift card discount

  4. Definitely worth the investment…So when will the year of Hilton Gold start? The day you purchase the premium membership?

  5. Extending my Hilton Gold another year in addition to National’s Executive Aisle would be great. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Definitely interested in winning this. Do you have to redeem the HH Gold status immediately, or can you wait until your current status expires?

  7. Awsome give away! Would be good to win as this would ALSO help to get a staus match with other hotels 😀 Hope I win and thanks for offering it to us 🙂

    1. Eric, I think there are a bunch of folks doing just that. If you do earn Hilton status through Milepoint Premium Membership it should free you up to apply for something else, like Chase Sapphire or Ink Bold.

  8. Hyatt 10% would be great to really explore more of their offerings. Usually I lean toward ihg or Marriott because of deals.

  9. I would like to have this membership. I am planning some big stays at Hilton and Gold Status will help me a lot. Also planning to use Parking Spot for Airport parking which will give me one day free parking. Hoping for the best.

  10. Oh my gosh this is a great giveaway I would love to win for my upcoming honeymoon we could use the car rental and hotel benefits!

  11. It would be great if I could win this! It would mean so much to me to get those extra 1000 United Miles to finally book my dream trip! (I’m 855 miles short)

  12. would be great to get the milepoint subscription again…had to drop it when money got tight, but always found it useful.

  13. With this I could maintain Hilton Gold status, upgrade to National’s Executive Status from Emerald, and almost top off a UAL award ticket level.

  14. Winnah Winnah Chik’n Dinnah! Thanks for the contest. Hope to win and use all the perks, especially the Hilton Gold status for upcoming stays.

  15. Have reservations for Hilton Disney in December, and Silver status is NOT good enough. If I win, I promise to request a room upgrade and visit the Executive Lounge with the family !!

  16. Awsome give away! Would be good to win as this would ALSO help to get a status match with other hotels 😀 Hope I win and thanks for offering it to us 😀

  17. I am newly retired 🙂 and finally will have time to travel on to my own destinations. Would really appreciate having this status and benefits that it brings. Appreciate the opportunity.

  18. The Hilton Gold status can be great overseas. We stayed in Sorrento, Italy and the lounge access we got from status provided food, drinks, and amazing views for no additional cost.

  19. I’d like to win! I thought I read somewhere that using a Hyatt gift card to pay for a stay won’t earn stay credit. I tried to find that again over the weekend when debating whether to buy a premium membership and didn’t see it anywhere in the T&Cs or anywhere else. Am I misremembering?

  20. This is an excellent membership program. If I do not win I will look into it for myself. Have a great day everone.

  21. Awsome give away! Would be good to win as this would ALSO help to get a status match with other hotels 😀 Hope I win and thanks for offering it to us.

  22. Awsome give away! Would be good to win as this would ALSO help to get a status match with other hotels 😀 Hope I win and thanks for offering it to us. Last entry from me here in Norway 😀 *fingers crossed*

    1. Owre, for me it’s the 10% on Hyatt Gift cards. I can easily pay for my PM with just those savings. How about you?

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