National Brings Back One, Two, Free (The Best Car Rental Promo)!

National Car Rental’s One, Two, Free promo has been the best car rental promotion each time they’ve run it. It’s incredibly lucrative for frequent renters and it’s really helping put National front and center to consumers.  And, this version appears to be worth participating in even if you don’t rent very often.  First, the meat of the promo:

  • You earn a free rental day every time you complete 2 car rentals.
  • The promotion earning period runs through January 31, 2016.
  • Any free rental days earned need to be redeemed by June 15, 2016.

One, Two, FreeFor both frequent and infrequent renters, there are a number of ways to earn free rentals along with paying for car rentals.  I don’t recall these from previous versions but I wouldn’t swear by it.  Here’s the list:

One, Two, Free

There are some easy ones here, like taking a survey and opting in to virtual credentials.  Drilling down a bit more to the T&C, I took a look at the e-mail opt-in, refer a friend and mobile app download bonuses.

One, Two, Free

I can’t tell if email opt-in and mobile app download can be earned if you’re already receiving emails or have downloaded the app.  I’ll try to get clarity on that.

But, refer a friend is a real winner if you have friends who haven’t signed up for National yet.  They do need to complete a rental, but you can earn this bonus up to 10 times (or 5 free rental days).

National has been working to increase their visibility lately, with free pop-up lounges in a handful of airports around the country.  They may not have as prominent a location as Hertz or Avis in some airports, but customers I speak to really enjoy the ability to select their own car from the Emerald aisle.

One, Two, Free really is the best of the bunch when it comes to car rental promos.  Now, you’ve got the opportunity to earn lots of free rental days between now and January.  Make sure you take advantage of it!


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