Introducing A New Voice At Pizza In Motion!

Editor’s Note:  This blog has always represented the things I find interesting in the world of travel.  The opinions have been my own.  The blog has changed, evolved in the years I’ve written it.  It’s had good days and bad.  But, that voice has pretty much always been me.  I never really saw the need to have anyone else appear here on a regular basis.  That’s about to change.  

I’ve been encouraging my wife to write the occasional post for the blog.  She’s resistant, mostly because she doesn’t think she’s a good writer.  But, she’s got a completely different perspective than I do on certain items as they relate to travel.  And, she’s a whole lot healthier than I am.

I’m not sure how often she’ll post or what she’ll write about, though I’ve given her some suggestions.  Here’s a bit more about her, in her own words.

New Voice

Hi, there!  My name is Michelle Pizzarello.  I’ve been married to Mr. “Pizza In Motion” for almost 13 years and we’ve been together for 17.  I’m the mother of two lovely children that you’ve seen here from time to time, Catherine and Charlie.

New Voice

I also serve as the family’s wellness and fitness guru. I am always in search of ways to help my family and self live a healthier life.

I have a BS in Exercise Science and I’m a trained Pilates instructor.  In those years before children, I spent my days running marathons and triathlons.  Nowadays, taking care of two kids while my dear husband travels way too much is its own special brand of marathon.  I still cherish the ability to sneak in a workout when time permits (always wish there was just a bit more time).

As a mother, I have to get creative to squeeze in those workouts, whether it’s at the gym or home.  Using an app for a quick 7-minute workout, online exercise videos, playing with my kids or just dancing to music with them are all my favorites when there’s not enough time.  My favorite workout gear are a foam roller, a yoga mat and a youth-sized lacrosse ball (trigger points)!

It’s been a whirlwind of summer travel for our family this summer and as much fun it has been to see new places it’s always nice to settle back home into a routine. Especially, when it comes to addressing fitness and health.

I’m always eager to help people with chronic pain find a way to live healthier.  All that time wedged into planes for you road warriors leads to a lot of chronic pain.  I hear the way my husband groans and complains after a week on the road, and I know I can fix those aches and pains!

I’ll also be discussing travel from a mom’s perspective, noting those things important to women. Ed already has a stack of luggage geared towards women waiting for me to review.

Stay tuned to hear more from me on how to stay healthy on the road (and in that ever-shrinking airline seat).  Meanwhile, I’m happy to answer your questions to help solve those aches and pains.

Be healthy!


  1. I and older traveler flying mostly across U.S. Or long haul to Europe for fun. Would love ideas on how to combat aches and pains of sitting in economy/economy plus especially overnight And for mr pizza– waiting to hear how BA acquisition of Aer Lingus will impact flights from west coast to Ireland and London?

  2. Welcome Michele. I’m looking forward to your new “pizza toppings” from a feel-better -on -the- road perspective.

  3. Welcome Michelle & thanks for adding a new, healthy perspective to the world of travel. We all could use some hints on how to minimize body-damage from long flights &/or trips! Tell Mr Pizza he needs to add your own photo-response button:)

    1. Maureen, Ed has hit some technical snafus getting my account set up. Don’t worry, soon! Thanks so much for the warm welcome. Ed has told me stories about all of you guys.

  4. I was going to add the same thing; you need your own photo when you respond to keep things clear, Mrs Pizza. I am looking forward to a woman’s perspective on travel, especially from a health viewpoint. Welcome!

  5. Hi and Congrats Mrs Pizza. I’d really like to know more specifically about the foam roller and lax ball.

    1. Kadence it’s Mrs. Pizza. Glitch with the system so I have to respond from Mr. Pizza’s login. Hope to have that changed soon. I hope to post soon on releasing tension using the foam roller and Lax ball soon. Stay tune and thanks for reading.

  6. what a great idea! i can’t wait to read more. especially from a health standpoint, it seems to me like travel health is a big topic that is not well covered in frequent traveler community. Congrats Michelle and Ed (for the convincing!)

  7. Mrs. Pizza: What a positive contribution to content on this blog — here’s to helping us all be better travelers by being healthier travelers.

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